Is it cheaper, shopping in KL compared to JB?

“Tolon, caya kena kuyung..tolon”

This morning, my youngest elder sister drop by on the way to her husband’s hometown in perak. You see, she has this thing about shopping. We all ‘pening‘ when she asks us to escort her shopping. In the end, she did a little shopping, and we end up running all around the mall chasing her children.

Ok, back to today’s story. Amongst the 1st thing she said upon arrival is:

Nak pegi Tesco la, nak potong rambut bebudak ni. Ada kupon diskaun.

I have nothing against that idea, of using that coupon. But she had just endured (in her sleep, her husband’s driving) 5 hrs journey and she can still think of going shopping. Yes, she didn’t say anything about shopping, but from our experience, going to Tesco for a couple of haircuts seems like an excuse.

And how right we are.

1st, when we were off to Tesco Klang (which is just a stone’s throw from our house), she said we should go to Tesco Shah Alam because the saloon is there. Ok, change of course.

Which stlye?hmmm…

I’ll look like this in 10 minutes…

“I’m cuter than the girl behind me!”

“Dah ringan kepala kita…”

she looked like a boy now, doesn’t she?

2nd, after the haircut (which made my niece look like a boy), she went shopping. Just as I thought. Nevermind, luckily her daughters (3 of them) both made us laugh and also made our leg cramped. Well, they’re not of the obedient type, luckily no “Perhatian, sesiapa yang ada kehilangan anak perempuan …” announcement related to us.

A cute little shoe my niece found…thought of buying it.

And I was wondering should I make similar announcement if my sister went missing during her shopping spree?

The Outcome