Today's the National Bring-An-Excavator-to-Work-Day

It’s true! No hoax! The road between my house, my colleague’s house and my office is full of them!

Okay, Okay…I admit, I Exaggerated a bit there. but the prospect of seeing almost 10 of these babies on a 15 minutes drive to work is extremely low.

Now i’m imagining what would happen on next year’s event:

  • Pimped up excavator show
  • The launching of Excavator Motor Club
  • The 1st Excavator Drag Racing, or eXcavator GT (XGT)
  • sporty body kits for excavators flooding the market, including 21″ and 50″ sport rims, paint jobs, skirtings and spoilers, and names such as Excav8or Evo III…
  • Ilegal racing using excavators.
  • Excavators for Government’s official vehicle.
  • Police and JPJs using excavators to chase and stop those illegal racers.
  • Camel Trophy-like expedition using Excavators
  • More blog posts about excavators,
  • My posts will then have more than 20 occurences of the word “Excavator” (this psot have currently 12 occurence of the word “Excavator“. Now 13 occurence of the wor… I think i’m getting into a loop here)

So Malaysians, remember this date. Its a day where the roads are invaded by these monsters and speed limit will be 50km/h for both trunk roads and highways.

3 responses to “Today's the National Bring-An-Excavator-to-Work-Day”

  1. well…consider yourself lucky it wasn’t a steamroller…or a drunken cyclist riding 20km/h in front of you so that your headlights can illuminate his path

    do feel that JB’s traffic is more aggressive than KL’s…