An Nasihah

I got an SMS from M yesterday, at around 1.30am. What happened during last month reminded me of old times. Reminded me of the pain. Reminded me of the silent tears every night. Reminded me of the confusion. Reminded me of the brief happy moments. Reminded me of how I met Wan. Nah, i won’t tell you the story, unless there’s demand (:p).

And surely, this poem (if you could call it a poem) comes to mind.

An Nasihah

Usah Didengar Kata Mereka,
Andai Perkataan Asalnya Hasad,

Usah Dihirau Apa Menimpa,
Hanya Sabar Penyudah Ujian,

Usah Dilupa Mereka Yang Mengingat,
Kerana Merekalah Yang Menyangga, Menongkat,

Pandanglah Ke Hadapan, Penuh Harapan
Tolehlah Ke Belakang, Penuh Keinsafan,
Jeling Jua Ke Sisi, Penuh Cinta Bersulam Waspada
Lihatlah Ke Bawah, Tengok Siapa Menyangga,
Dongaklah Ke Atas, Tundukkan Hatimu,

Epilog Hidupmu Hanyalah Satu.
——————————–Lizzam, 11 Januari 2002

And just now Wan called. her voice reminded me of how much I love her. I feel bad for neglecting her this few weeks. Not that i was seeing somebody else or lost my feeling towards her. It’s just that I needed some time alone, especially after hearing what her father wants. Now left with no SMS until my paycheck, I really hope she’ll understand. Our future looks bleak. but I’ll hold on until the end.

If she were to marry someone else, would I regret spending all these years with her?


I have no regrets. It’s the best thing to happen to me and even though I could not hold her hand no more, I shall cherish the memories. I’m praying that day would never come.