This is a no-smoking area sign. the cigarette is slashed with a red bar to show that it is not allowed, while the circle surrounding it depicts an area.

This is a smoking area sign. The slash is gone, so literally it translates to Smoking Area. Colors range from red to green for the surrounding circle.

Now about this sign i saw at KL Sentral Monorail station. The circle that means area is there, and there’s an image of a man falling down. so I would say that he’s either falling or committing suicide. so literally it would mean Falling Area or Suicide Area. I prefer the latter one (no, I’m not suicidal). A warning sign should be triangular, i presume.


Went to catch King Kong last weekend. Narnia was the second choice. However there was an unexpected crowd and we failed to watch those two for both Saturday and Sunday.

Then I had to persuade my friend to watch Rock, a local offering that I thought was a good production. It was, for half the time. But when My friend started to sleep (true story), I was already longing for the story to end. It does have it’s moments but most of the time, it was buying time. Enough said. I take back my reservations for this movie.

To cover the lost I HAD to buy King Kong vcd for my niece (and me). And I have to say, no matter what other people say, King Kong should win the best actor’s award. A lot of cliched lines thrown in for the casts, but seeing King Kong’s emotion through it’s facial expression and eyes is a good enough reason for me to enjoy it. In fact, my 8 year old niece went to bed hugging a monkey toy. Congratulations to the animators.

This is me watching King Kong with my friend. Not quite the King Kong outfit but I wouldn’t want to walk on al four around BTS. I might end up in Zoo Negara.


Now this is what I call a sale. Just bring along 10 of your friends, share RM1 each, and you can get a whole store. Don’t believe me? Just look at the picture, All for RM10!! No wonder the crowd.


2 responses to “3 in 1 post…”

  1. yg gambar 2 org tu sapa? u yg mana satu? yg pakai tudung ke atau kwn yg lagi sorang tu? heehee… bwahahhahahahaha ! jgn maraa aa..

  2. of course yang tak pakai tudung. I rela pakai suit beruk tu dari pakai tudung. tapi kau nak tgk i pakai kebaya leh tgk my previous post.