Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha

  1. Headache
  2. Running Nose
  3. Aching Body
  4. Slight Fever
  5. My ex-teacher cum neighbour passed away
  6. Having to go to work on a Public Holiday
  7. Having to animate Flash in full clad Baju Melayu + Sampin.

That’s how I am celebrating Aidiladha this year. Apart from that I’m still living, breathing and kicking. I am terribly grateful of that (most probably because of the funeral yesterday evening) and all the silly little things that we don’t realize we enjoy untill we lose it.

This is me entertaining 4 ‘girls‘ in my ‘open office‘. 2 came from Dell and 1 came from Apple.
Not in picture, Ita, taking the photo. Ita also came from Dell.
~ Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha ~

Condolence to the families of those who died during the Hajj. Be Grateful, that they got to go meet their Maker at the House of God, The Holy Land, in the Holy Month. I wish I will


8 responses to “Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha”

  1. How I celebrate Aidiladha this year?

    1. Watch T.V
    2. Watch T.V
    3. Sleep
    4. Watch T.V again
    5. Sleep
    6. Watch T.V again and again..

    Those are more or less how I spent my day so far. I guess later around 8 p.m out to KLCC for dinner with my friend. Heehee!

  2. tijah, jenab, ita and siti nuhalizam eh? mine’s called rogayah, maimunah, markonah and zabedah. heehee. cukup kuota 4 aku!

  3. nina: andai…dipisah, tv…dan raya…(sing to Fantasia Bulan Madu’s melody)

    DJ: Hah, all that in one house? No quarrels?You must have sync’d all your ‘wives’..hehe,. talk about compatibility

  4. aahhh….
    it used to be zul sitting in that seat. i’d be in front of him trying to concentrate when out of a suddden an email from him would pop on my screen.
    bukak2 ithe ju-on kiddo stares back at me dengan rolling eyeball segala.
    i’d look at him and go “that’s freaky!” and he’d just go (dengan muka toya tak bersalah) “kenapa?”

    always makes me laugh, the guys there.

    selamat berkerja!

  5. How i celebrated my raya?
    Woke up late. Not to say very late but still it considered late lah coz i missed solat raya. Then watched tv. After an hour, felt like eating rendang so my hommie and i started SMS-ing EVERYONE who’s holding openhouse. Many reply but 90% were disappointment. Finally, berita gumbira for my perot. I got to hijacked 2 houses that day and ended my crave for rendang and ketupat. SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILADHA!

  6. Elly: Zul is still sitting in that place. i just posed there for the photo. they’re still as crazy as ever, and being the naughty guys in the office, are always being called to the bosses office…piap!piap!

    orked: You should’ve told me. I got rendang, but no ketupat…2 houses worth of ketupat & rendang, you must be on diet today…(:p)

  7. Lizzam, me more than happy to have som more rendang & ketupat lah. Ada lagi ka? 🙂

  8. orked: haha..already finished. but i guess if you in dire need of rendang, we can arrange something…or wait till next raya. won’t be that long to wait…