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I just received an email regarding our first National Car, Proton. I am a firm supporter of Proton since the emergence of Wira (for the record I’m driving my family’s Waja and am eyeing for my own Savvy or what I would call Kereta Gaban – referring to the car’s look from the rear, that looks like Gaban‘s Face) and I am very proud of it, albeit some dislikes.

Proton have grown quite a lot, and it is relatively quite young, a compared to other car manufacturers. And the fact that it has already begun to design it’s own design is a sign that it has reached puberty and well on its way to maturity.

Despite all it’s efforts, many look down upon it. They’re comparing it unjustly to other more mature car manifacturers and take the easy way and just buy other cars. Comparing Proton with BMW or Honda is like comparing a 10 year old with a 30 year old. And comparing it with other ‘National Cars’ is like comparing an honest and hardworking student who did his homework with a student whose elder brother did all his homework. No, I’m not saying Proton is truly honest (I just don’t believe all top management being ever truly honest) and hardworking, but a salute to their engineers (not all, just the good ones).

That being said, I just hope that Proton, in all of its efforts will emphasize on long-term usage of it’s cars. It is usually pleasant to use out-of-the-factory but after some time, it seems that things are falling apart. This very much depends on the owner, but how many do really take care of their car? No, washing your car every week do not substitue the dirty and guelling work of servicing your car, and driving it the way it was designed. Those F1-driver-wannabes driving an old Datsun 120Y would most probably understand this.

By asking more help from the government, Proton actually disrespects us, the buyers. It is almost as Proton thinks more of it’s shareholders than the buyers. Proton should have faced the competition, be it unfair, and come out with a kick rectum product that would stun all those who oppose Proton.

Below is the email that I got. Hope Proton would rise from it’s fall and rise to challenge the motoring industry. I am waiting for that moment where I could proudly annouce to the world that I am driving a Proton…Dare to Change

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  1. The email you received. It claims to be someone who is involved with Proton R&D or management. (has this been verified)

    Quite an eye opening details in the email, some are well-known fact, but most of them new to me (i’m not a car fanatic…so no surprise)

    Anyway, IMHO a main turning point for my family to buy car from Naza instead of Proton was because the multiple incident of bad PR and salesmanship by proton. So its Naza Citra instead of Proton Gen-2 for us….

  2. hmmm.. come to think of this.. without prejudice, am not saying that Malaysian cars are not good.. we used to have iswara & wira. and them are good cars. since me also not a car-type of person, am not gonna nitpick on the technical part (i.e engine.. yada..yada) so my view is only based on my experience & others too.

    i think this got to do with luck too. you see, we have wira and it never break down till the last day it serviced us. on the other hand, my fren who just bought wira, faced problem with door lock, windows and engines. it’s a brand new car though. same goes to iswara, we did not face any problem with it.. not to say we are careful drivers.. no! we drive like y’all too. but my bestie faced the same problem with his iswara, the same problems i mentioned above. what’s my point? my point is, maybe there are some imperfection on the parts but it’s a minor one. so, it’s kinda wasted if they throw the parts away.. they might still consider the parts as sound and functioning.. plus proton doesnt have reject shop like the one where rejected clothes go to REJECT SHOP where they can sell the rejected parts and get money to pump in their capital. another possible factor maybe 1 or 2 staff have this ignorant feel inside them so they dont really care to assemble those parts according to usual standard. yah.. i know the assembled parts must go to Q.C for final check.. yeah i know that. but what if those ignorant people are those from the Q.C’s? dont y’all think this also contribute to the low quality of our cars. forget about competing with other mature manufacturers 1st, that is definitely the thing that our manufacturer must work out.. let’s us micro it down to the human capital or human factor, if these exist in our manufacturing industry, they still result in the same issues too, if not major problem may be a minor one with big impact on our cars.

    no doubt all the thoughts and view given by y’all have plus points there, such as engines, budget, technology and etc. but human/attitude factor can be considered as part of it too. sometimes we are blinded by the news. 1 defected car, but 1000 people talked about it. imagine if 2 or 3 or 10 cars.. that’s why the situation looked worst. if 25% – 30% Proton cars defected, it does not mean, all Malaysian cars are not good. them are actually good cars!


  3. Kaz: An injust comparison between Citra and Gen-2, I might say. Keeping in mind that you’re looking for a family car, Gen2 might not be the best solution. Cramped rear seats especially to tall people like you might be a big hindrance.I don’t know about Citra but from Kia’s previous reputation and comparing it to Gen-2’s 1.6 Campro, fuel consumption won’t pose a problem for you,right?

    And for the email, No, no confirmation as of yet. but I have receiived similar information about MAS before it came out in public, and this one sounds logic. It just say good things about Proton and do not much put down any other party.I’d say if it’s real, it’s a defensive email.

    Nina: Those unlucky customers are what Proton should take good care of. 25% defect is relatively a big number.Proton has to work it’s way to make sure all defects are isolated cases, and not widespread.

    Proton has taken a preemptive strike to vow user accpetance and trust by asking TUV to audit Savvy.This is what they say about first impression, and how hard customer retention is, and how harder damage repair can be.I just hope Proton just won’t lag off and all this problems just made them better.

    Why do we fall? so we can learn to pick our self up – Dr. Thomas Wayne, father of Bruce Wayne, in Batman Returns.

  4. Hi guys, just a quick notes. Yesterday i met one guy who had a problem with his Naza Citra engine. The engine went down somewhere in the highway. To cut the story short, this guy sent his Citra to the service centre and the answer they gave was shocking!. They said the engine was totally lost and need a replacement. The shocking part was to get the engine from oversea and it cost 18000 (eighteen thousand grand!). Although Malaysian car’s somehow not strong enough or maybe to fragile to some users but it easy to get parts. I have seen a wira and iswara’s plat number started with BCA – that mean its older than 15 year old kids and its still running fine and looks good. So we should proud of what we have – instead of condemn it why not we support it and hope it would be better.

  5. Lizzam : Well actually the Gen-2 was supposed to be my car… but becoz of the incident, we got a new family car and my brother and i were stuck with using the “wounded” Wira (same problem as your fren wlady, door, auto-mirror problem, brake)

    hafizulidham : hmm, thats strange, to tell you the truth we havent got any problem with the citra, its been only 6 month though, and its performing way better than i expected. but you are right, the parts are all korean made, might cost a lot….

  6. aiyak. mr buls, u pun minat itu savvy ka? sama wa lo! gua tatak hai punya,mana mana pon ok, apa maciam perodua? naza? haiiya~ savvy gaban/ mr buls, tatak baek wo cakap itu maciam, malaysia bolah maa. bolehh~

    wa mau savvy r3, tapi ayah wa malah wo, lia suloh wa angkat gen2.

  7. hafizulidham: Wow…that’s serious.That’s the problem with imported things, now. but then, how does the car broke down? There must be some coverage from Kia, as Citra is a quite new car, and the company should cover if there’s some defects…18K is a large soum. add a bit more and you can get a brand new Kancil

    Kaz: hoho…kesian least you Have a car… old is that Wira?

    lotfi: kenapa saudara menulis dalam slanga sebegitu? bukankah saudara menggunakan Bahasa Malaysia baku dalam penaipan saudara sehari-hari?

    dan kalau saudara mengambil kereta Savvy R3, jangan lupa menjemput saya menaikinya. Saya juga kalau boleh inginkan Savvy R3, tapi saya inginkan yang berwarna putih seperti Gen2.

  8. dulu aku ada gak rasa kurang yakin kat proton tapi..tahap keyakinan lama2 jadi ilang sebabkan aku dah jatuh cinta sgt2 kat ‘savvy’.. mula2 nk beli dulu ada 10 kereta gak la aku test drive..nak memilih nye punya la cerewet,nk buat mcm mana, pompuan!!sbnrnya ada 4 benda yang aku nk ms pilih kete, 1st minyak, 2nd keselamatan, 3rd comel (senang cilok)and last GANAS!. sumenye ada kat savvy. org cakap aku terpengaruh dgn iklan tv savvy, TAK!! korang try dl baru ckp. skrg aku dah ada savvy AMT metallic itam no plat WPH???, bole auto bole tu gear savvy AMT peliks ckit! yang paling bes takde clash!! kalo nk bw manual kaki x lenguh! agak2 aku nak bw auto aku tuka gear auto, agak2 nak bw manual tuka jela ke manual, jenuh gak la aku explain kat sapa yang naik..pendek kata memang besla.. tak caya pegila testdrive..

    p/s: nampak macam promote kan tp memang aku nak promote pun..lalalaa