Siri Bercakap dengan Entiti…

This is a true story.

What would you do if a YM message that you receive, was from an inhuman entity? Inhuman, as in not human (please do not be confused with inhumane). This is what happened to me this morning, when my ‘send to all’ message was responded by ‘a friend’, but when I checked back, she was sleeping at that time.

Now, who answered me in the first place? Or What, for that matter? Spooky, isn’t it? How would such entity have access to the Net, let alone using a powerful communication technology such as the Yahoo! Messenger?

Misteri Nusantara.

pizzarebus: salam, bagus pagi….sudah senyum pagi ini?
delores: DCHR5=0OGFVBVHS ? J..? ←Written by the entity…
pizzarebus: bahasa ape tu?

…half an hour later…

delores: opsss… i was still sleeping, i think my cat yg jawabkan tuh
pizzarebus: serious?
pizzarebus: hahaha
pizzarebus: ist time dapat ym dari kucing
delores: serious..
delores: dia tido sebelah i tadi
delores: kucing ni IT literate sket
delores: pandai shut down notebook i nih
pizzarebus: woh…hebat!
delores: kucing yg di didik dgn penuh kasih sayang dan ilmu IT
delores: haha

Right now, I am still wondering, how could the cat possibly know how to use the SHIFT button to type ‘?’. And the order of the letters, are quite strange. Maybe all those programming languages were made by some other inhuman entity. that explains why many could not decipher the codes that easy.

I’m sure I’m just trying to scare you all…


5 responses to “Siri Bercakap dengan Entiti…”

  1. dude, anda berhalunisasi ni… pegi sembahyang sunat (heehee)

  2. sungguh mengerikan pengalaman anda..
    nasib baik daku tiada kucing kerana daku takut kucing daku akan berckp dgn daku jua..

  3. Pyerudz: Baik…sembahyang sudah…sunat pun sudah…

    nina:lebih mengerikan bila kucing itu mula demand untuk makan makanan yang mahal, kandang yang cantik, pasangan yang berbaka mahal, dan syampu Pantene; pakai lidah pun boleh…

  4. ala that cat also has two hands to type la.. one press the SHIFT key, another, all other types of keys.. hehehe..
    and the cat can always release the SHIFT key at any time..

  5. Ic3dLatt3: cats got hands, huh? (:p)