Not Weird, Just Unique…

I’ve been tagged by Nina to disclose 7 weird habits I have. I don’t know much about answering it. I do feel I’m weird, but upon answering this, I got the feeling that I’m just as normal as everybody else. And since everybody who’s normal are also unique, as unique as the abnormal ones, it is safe to say that everybody’s a freak. So when you see someone wearing blue jeans, orange t-shirt and a red cap, he’s not weird, he’s just unique.

Here goes…

I’d usually do something first, and then think of a reason of doing it. And usually I could find some good reason for it and then look wise.

I usually sit on a chair from the left, especially my office chair. Kind of like riding a bike, or getting up on a horse.

Everytime I got a new gadget, I’ll be all over the instruction manual and tries to master all of it’s function within days. However I’ll be forgetting those function that I seldom use.

I don’t like shortcuts on my desktop and my start menu. I’d have them deeply nested within folders in my Start Menu.

My virtual desktop is far more uncluttered compared to my real desktop. But don’t most computer geeks like this? But then computer geeks are considered weird. Just read Dilbert!

I would be doing this to you if a matter of who’s weirder was brought up. I learnt how to do this on a boring afternoon, in a Physics class, in a “I’m weirder” session. See, I’m doing it again.

I did this to my own picture. Weird,huh?

now, I’m thinking of tagging…YOU!. yeah, you, who’s across that monitor, reading this. Do it, or your diskette drive will bust, and your optical drive (read: DVD/CD/Combo Drive) won’t play pirated disks anymore. Don’t believe me? Come on, I know your IP Adress. Scary stuff huh?


5 responses to “Not Weird, Just Unique…”

  1. wlady: erm, what can you do with your jari? that made me imagining a lot of things. seram la pulak. hope it does not have anything to do with a nose.

    pinky angel:hmm..and you just jumped into the comments section…how weird. that can go into the 7 list thingy, right?

  2. testing testing 123 eh
    oooo cenggini rupenyer ….
    uwekkk geli la tengok muka Lana Lang aka Lizzie Lang

  3. dude.. u r weirdo! everybody is weird, and they are waiting for the right time to realize it…

    ape benda aneh yg anda buat baru2 ni? hmnnn, pick up the phone sambil gosok gigi? it’s normal already heheh!