10.37am – “Perhatian, kepada sesiapa yang kehilangan anak lelaki berbaju biru, sila ke kaunter hadapan. Terima Kasih.”

My Sayang was spoilt for choice of books and magazines to buy.

10.52am – “Perhatian, kepada ibubapa kepada adik Aiman, kanak-kanak lelaki berbaju biru, sila ke kaunter hadapan. Terima Kasih.”

My old company, with new and old faces. Last year, it was my face over there..

11.07am – “Perhatian kepada ibubapa kepada adik Aiman, memakai baju t-shirt Borneo biru, anak anda ada di kaunter hadapan. Terima kasih.”

Who says Malaysians don’t read. They do, a lot!. Reading about artists in magazines also count, right?

11.12am – “Perhatian kepada En Rauf, anak anda Aiman menunggu anda di kaunter hadapan, terima kasih.”

These are amongst the faces of those responsibel for thousands of litres of tears of Malaysians. Why? Zoom in to novels on the table in front of them.

11.24 – “Perhatian kepada abah, Aiman dah lapar, tapi abah shopping la dulu, Aiman tunggu dekat kaunter depan ni ye. Aiman tak kisah…”

Kaplye, when did you make your own autobiography?

2.14 – KL and jams can’t be seperated, except maybe during Raya Holidays and CNY Holidays. KTM Komuter’s Putra Station had a power failure, and since KLIBF’s nearby, chaos was inevitable. Notice the KTM Officer (in blue) trying (definitely not) his best to handle the horde of heated up, sweaty, swearing customers.

2.35 – At last, we got through. To get a better view of how bad the congestion was, refer to the face of the lady on the left of the photo.

4.53 – At last, lunch! although late, Aiman tak kisah…


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  1. Hahaha… Aiman wherever you go.

  2. lynn: Aiman, hanya di radio, ku mendengar suara mu, hanya di radio…haanyaaaa, di raadiooooo….

    pinky angel: huh?

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  4. Aiman not tales… betul ke?

  5. kaplye: ya, kanan!