Questions for the 3 Answers!

First and foremost I’d like to thank all of you who’d spent your precious time giving me answers that’s really hard to question. I had headaches just after reading the answers, doubting if I could question the answers in such a way that it’ll sound witty, yet related to me. I had to prepare my self by watching all episodes of House Season One. I hope the questions I made for you would be satisfiying. Pening woo…nak buat nih. Anyway, here, check it out…


Wlady answered:

Q: You used to love somebody’s films but now you’ve chosen somebody else’s. Why?
A: because he is so smart and funny. that’s why. the other guy also smart but there something about him that pulled me off, the one that i’ve been discussing with you.. remember?

Q: Why do you need Money?
A: i really depend on it. if not i cannot do my works and if i got it i’ll be energetic for weeks.

Q: Do you really think Superman’s sexiest attribute is him wearing a RED underwear, OUTSIDE?
A: hell yah! if not why am i telling you about it? are you still with me or you stick to your other view with kaplye?


blur answered:

Q: Do you think Fasha Sandha is suitable to be with you?
A: i only have one whats the prob?

Q: Does that have anything to do with her being born on the same date as yours?
A: haiya.. u mau sebok2 apa pasal?

Q: When are you both going to marry?
A: u tak mau tanya sama orang lain ka? apa pasal mau tanya saya suruh saya bagi jawapan jugak haa?


kaplye answered:

Q: IF you’re in a LRT and it’s fully jammed with people, what do you say to those who’s sitting to get their seat?
A: i’m pregnant

Q: Is it possible for you to brush your teeth while singing Mawi’s Seroja and playing a harmonika on the same time?
A: senang je

Q: When are you going to get married?
A: calculating.. calculating (refer mp3 Boboi got new computer)

p/s: woi, 3 soalan je la…rajin terlajak lak mamat ni. pi siapkan kartun ko tuh…bos ko tengah cekak pinggang kat blakang ko tuh…


audra answered:

Q: Is it true that you’re a flirtacious guy?
A: As usual.

Q; What would you think if Angelina Jolie flirt’s with you?
A: Yeah, right. Dream on, babe!

Q: How about Siti Nurhaliza?
A: Entahler. Susah nak cakap. It all depends…..


anonymous answered:

Q: Erm…Lizzam?
A: Apehal?

Q: How many times in a day do you see your ‘big lil’ brother’?
A: Once ot twice a day, it doesn’t matter to me as long as it happens.

Q: Kenapa kau kata orang tu macam tu sedangkan aku rasa dia tak macam tu walaupun mungkin kadang-kadang dia macam tu tapi selalunya dia tak macam tu, walhal bukan dia seorang je yang macam tu, ramai lagi yang macam tu tapi tak mengaku atau tak sedar perangai dia macam tu?
A: Sebab dia kata orang tu memang macam tu sebab tu la dia jadi macam tu jadi ko jangan la risau pasal orang tu kalau tak ko pun jadi macam tu jugak. Paham?

p/s: It would’ve been nice to know who you are, but thanks anyway.


orked answered:

Q: What would you do if someone’s asking if you want to be his downline in an MLM while you’re doing your business in the gents?
A: no answer coming out from my mouth but there’s action -i frown.

Q: What would you think if that person peeps in from above and still ask you about the MLM thingy?
A: Sabar je ah.

Q: And what if he decided it’s okay to climb over and join you in the stall while you’re still doing your ‘business’ to convince you that being his downline can make you a millionaire?
A: Saiko duh.


Kaz answered:

Q: Kalau aku kasi ko free flash banner ni, ko kasi la aku satu Sony Vaio, boleh tak?
A: ok, kalo ko nak bg aku free flash banner tu, aku terima jer… ko mmg baik hati.. heh

Q: Kau tau tak camna nak buat kek?
A: Ehm.. aku rasa ko kene wat recordset utk setiap data yg diperlukan bg each database…then ko bind kat field2 dari multiple recordset tu kepada page kosong yg ko dah design utk menyerupai sebuah report book or resume. Then ko wat lak script print using javascript or use pdf print/maker extension.. tak mahal extension tu.. just US$ 25 jer… and.. walaa…. you got what you were asking just now…

Q: Nak buat kek kena buat database ke?
A: hmm, aku pon tak tau… mmg camtu kot bende tu


Kookabooras answered:

Q: Lizzam, percaya tak kalau I cakap I jumpa Umie Aida dan dia kata u nampak hensem?
A: ye ker…?

Q: Ko rasa ko hensem ke?
A: cube ko tanye diri sediri dulu.

Q: Lizzam memang Hensem, Lemak berkrim disukai ramai tapi Fat-free…
A: ni soalan ke jawapan?


Mafiaries answered:

Q: Ko rasa George Bush tu IQ dia tinggi ke?
A: Emhh..kadang2la. Biasanya tak.

Q: Betul ke you pernah digosipkan dengan seorang artis bernama AA (bukan nama sebenar)?
A: SN la, siapa kata AA?

Q: If you have a pet Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex), what would you call it?
A: Herman.


Cik Puan Muda Stress answered:

Q: You berkenan kat I tak?
A: huh.

Q: Tapi kalau I berkenan kat u?
A: ek ena.

Q: You nak belanja I tak?
A: kepala hotak kau!

p/s: jgn marah ye cik PMS, imagine you’re not the one asking me that…hehe…kalau marah nanti kena jual kat eBay…(:p)…anyway brucie dah slalu buat jawapan camni kat u,kan?


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  1. hahahahahah..
    the 2nd questions of my answer is quite interesting… heehee..

    anyways… dh lepas dah seksa badan? buat lagi quiz cepumas camni.. hahhahahahahaha…

  2. haha,, exactly what i had in mind… imagine me answering you how to make cake like that….

    oh and bout question 1… ces… kekawan pon nak charge Sony VAIO ka… haha

  3. cik PMS:Hoho…be careful of what you wish..kang dah ramai sgt nak beli, kena jadi hamba abdi kat Elbonia lak kang…(:p)

    Kaplye: heh…honeymoon ke?jom tgk wayang weh!

    Mafiaries: meh…t-rex meh…makan frieskies meh..hehe(:p)