I was so moody this moring, that someone thought I was having a PMS. But nearing lunchtime, after I managed to do the impossible (read: finishing my work), and after web surfing for a while, I stumbled upon MyHeritage.

Nothing fancy, this site, but one link intrigues me. It’s offering to analyze your face and match it with a celebrity from its database. Interested, I took a shot and uploaded my baby face, since that’s the only face photo I have at the office, as Friendster’s blocked.

And here’s the result:

49%: Look ma, I’m Batman!

50%: Now there’s an Icon!

51%: err…who?

51%: Where’s My General Lee?!!!!

54%: No wonder, he’s my favourite submarine captain!(Crimsom Tide)

55%: …and to think that I don’t know how to play soccer/football…

57%: So there’s where i got my sense of humour.

57%: Me? The Next Top Model?

57%:…Oh no, Not me, I never lost control. You’re face to face, with the Man Who Sold The World….

71%: What!!! I look like her?!71%?!

And to think that there’s a lot of celebrities who look like me, I’d like to think that I’m a higher level celebrity, whom these celebrities are a fan of. So they had done surgery to make their face look like their Idol…

“You want me to sign your autograph where, Tyra? *drool*”


One response to “Want My Autograph?”

  1. I’ll be sure to try this out when I get home! 😀