Pervert With A Straight Face and A Degree

I had just endured 3 days of updating 1/3 of the inventory for my company. And I have to say, I’ve come to a conclusion: Engineers can be perverted and get away with it, easily.

I’ve always thought only those profession closely linked by biology and health (e.g. Doctors, Practioners, National Geographic Journalist) can have a purposeful discussion while having your genitalia names smothered all over it. But now I know, that for the logical/mathematical side of the profession spectrum, engineers can say all those you won’t speak louder than a mice’s fart (especially to someone from another gender) without having a lawsuit chasing after you.

Engineer 1: How long is that nipple?

Engineer 2: It’s an inch. Why?

Engineer 1: I think it’s too long. It’s effecting the balls. Now the balls can’t move around freely.

Engineer 2: Ah, I see. Then the rod would be heated up from the friction, won’t it? Darn. The lubricants doesn’t work?

Engineer 1: It should, but when the pressure’s too high, it won’t help.

Engineer 2: I wonder why, it was working in the design phase. I’ve measured the rod, it’s exactly 8 inches.

Engineer 1: Well, in design the rod and balls won’t be touching the nipple, but when heated, it’ll expand. The rod is 8 inches long in room temperature, When it’s hot, it’ll be longer, and the balls would be larger too.

Engineer 2: Then I’ll have to change it to a quarter inch nipple then.

Engineer 1: That may work.

**For maximum impact, imagine these engineers are from differing gender.

Okay Lizzam, I think you have enough of KennySia…

P/s: If you do not get what I’m trying to say in the dialogue, then don’t. your mind’s purer like that.


9 responses to “Pervert With A Straight Face and A Degree”

  1. i noticed that your reader’s feedback has declined. and i notice that i’ve been the onl person commenting in the last few posts.

    fine la… u tak ske i selalu first.. i get it.. i get it… huh.

  2. alala…marah lak cik PMS kita sorang ni…janganla PMS bebetul lak…

    tapi tetap 1st 4x in a row…

  3. heehee… that is because our dear friend has an above average entries in a week… he even has 4 days in a row’s entries.. quite strange actually.. heehee…

    anyways.. i totally got what you mean Mr. L-I-Double Zizzles-A-Mizzle.. does that mean my brain is saturated oredy?

    muahahahahahahah… toldya’ am a fast learner!

  4. cik PMS: (:p)

    wlady: that’s what happens if you have too much time on your hand after some heavily packed and strenuous days..

  5. aneh sungguh teka-teki mu itu che lizzam… lucah yang dibayang maka lucah lah jadinya.

  6. pyerudZ: teka teki?bila pulak aku kasi teka teki? *garu kepala*

  7. zidni Avatar

    lol..that could totally happen. although, i don’t think that’s a real conversation that took place.

    – associate engineer. XOm.

  8. zidni: no it didn’t. but with the power of imagination, nothing is impossible. Try it in your workplace. and tell me how do they react to it in the real world?