A Rare Occasion

It’s a rare occasion when I get to not go to work 2 days in a row without having a cut in my salary. But then, what will be my activities during the holidays? I could:

  1. Camwhoring at some exotic holiday spot and flaunt the images here,
  2. Go to Kedah and visit MyBee (short for My Baby. sounds like a car’s name, doesn’t it),
  3. Spend some quality time with friends at &lt insert a hip and cool theme park’s name here &gt
  4. Plan a trip to KL and watch movies
  5. Shop for some clothing (in dire need of new shoes and pants. this could go along number 4)
  6. Bring my parents to somewhere they could relax. Maybe at an island somewhere.
  7. Even MyBee can join in number 6.
  8. Stay at home, spend quality time with Intan (my PC, that’s her name), update blog, sleep, eat, do anything that doesn’t directly involve money.

And guess which is my choice?

Here’s a clue:

Anybody rich enough to donate me some money?


p/s: Yes, the walls in my room are 2/5 orange. It’s a freak accident, leave me a comment then I’ll tell you the story.


14 responses to “A Rare Occasion”

  1. ok, now i dunno wut to say knowing sum pc sumwhere has same name as mine. *sigh*

    btw, sah xde keje siap amik gambor buat skit tu.. heh!

    whereabout in kedah?

  2. Uhm… apsal tak color hijau jer kat bhgn atas oren tu… bleh jadik Aquaman theme color…. wakakaka….

  3. muaahahahhahahahaahhahahah…. ini keje anda seharian ye? muahahahahahahah… kesiannye budak yg bank accountnye tinggal 53 sen je tu.. nah amek ni 10 hengget…

    anta strip ni kat afdlin.. kot2 dia rasa boleh berlakon ke dlm filem baru dia… muahahahahahha !

    *penat gelak & golek*

  4. intan: no, my pc’s name have nothing to do with it. wonder how you’d react if i told you that it’s my favourite pillow’s name, or my *favourite* chair…

    kaz: orange and green? man, i’ll be blinded just looking at the wall

    wlady:10 hingget je?bak mai…rm10 is heaven right now…

  5. lynn: haha..i’ll tell you…my room is the last room in the house, near dapur and all…

    so we were painting the house, and when we came to my room, there’s only enough paint for 3/5 of 1 wall! in the end my room is a mixture of several colors on 4 walls.

    no wonder how thick my specs is.

  6. blom tgk blah 1 lagi dinding bilik dia. warna2 pelangi die taruk.

    hooo.. arwah pc aku pn ade name.. suzy.. tapi die dah xde. mouse oren aku pun ilang

  7. pyerudx: ni la hobi aku…nak cari hobi lain, duit tinggal RM0.58 je…huhu

    Kaplye: woi, mana ada warna pelangi, pelangi 7 warna, dinding aku 8 warna. pelangi mana ada warna oren.

    Cik PMS: bluek balik…(:p)

  8. syenite:haaha…yang versi Michael Jackson Kena Hantar Balik India Utara pun ada oren gak…lemah la subjek Alam Manusia…(ada lagi ke subjek tu?)