The Da Windows' Code

Having read and watched The Da Vinci’s Code (as in my case, I’ve only read the book), one would be more appreciative of the symbols around them. From the meanings, to the origin of the symbols. The same goes for icons. How they had successfully relay messages across demographic barriers. But then sometimes, the meaning may vary from, say, a computer geek to a sex maniac, relative to their point of view.

So tell me now, what did Bill Gates and his Merry Programmers thinking when they created these icons?

Clue: delete


11 responses to “The Da Windows' Code”

  1. Hahaha! You can be a symbologist, just like Robert Langdon, hehe.

  2. Duh! Bill Gates is a priory member. Actually he might be the grand master. Any way windows is full of grail symbols.

  3. lynn: yeah, and grab some french chick on the way…

    jibone: oh..missed that clue. maybe he too have the ‘Glowing Cock’ like in the movie..

  4. i have no comment on this one.. it’s either you spend most of your time in front of the pc doing work or you have too much time in front for othe rthing.. heehee…

  5. Orked Avatar

    I cant believe some people, in this, can be very brilliantly observant.

    So tell la, what do u see? ๐Ÿ˜‰ (hah!)

  6. wlady: oh, come on…this is the only enjoyable thing I can do while writing 2000 lines of codes…

    orked: what do I see? actually, I could do a short story from the 4 icons. That was the original post i intended to write, but thought better of. Kang tak pasal2 kena cop SM!!!(:p). well…boys will be boys…

  7. sungguh menarik itu icon!!

  8. Hahaha..lizzam, just what i thot ๐Ÿ˜‰
    brilliant escape tho.

  9. hehe ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Ah Beng: Kau memang, benda2 macam ni memang ko suka…

    geek:haha…ape yang pikir? jeng…jeng…jeng…

    cik PMS: using Microsoft Office will never e the same again…

    tuan tanah: senyum lebar nampak..