I Found Los, but Faun was almost lost…

I think I’ve procrastinated enough… So here’s the photos I took during the Los dan Faun set visit. Truth be told, I was there not for the shoot, or to become extras. but to see how they trick us, how they set up the cameras, the lightings, everything behind the scene. And know what, I got more than I bargained for. I got to meet the person whom I used to adore so much, Aziz M Osman.

Got a stab in my heart when the 1st thing he said upon meeting us is, how bloggers hates him and/or his work. I have to admit, I was one of those who criticized him. Especially after his article in a newspaper’s forum. The conversation afterwards was equally enthralling, as Afdlin, Aziz and Hans chatted about their work. Listening to that, justifies all the wait and boredom. Not to mention seeing the way they create magic with ingeniously simple tricks, such as framing, lighting, color grading, and such.

Now, I’m thinking of joining Afdlin‘s crew for one main reason (there are other reasons, but this overshadows them) : He had a 5 star catering service, at least for that day. I still regret that I didn’t take more of the Fried Rice. My stomach’s rumbling to the tune of My Humps everytime I recall that night.

Okay, before I go to grab something to eat, here’s the photos I said earlier.


6 responses to “I Found Los, but Faun was almost lost…”

  1. pergh! rugi betul aku tak dapat join set visit tersebut. tak mengapalah, lain kali barangkali…

  2. dude! you missed out on taking hot towel girl’s picture in one of them shots! nampak towelnya aje…

  3. pyerudz: takpe…tunggu Sumolah la pulak. mana tau dapat pi Jepun skali…bersumo!

    dj: ahaa…I think I know who…I agree she’s hot towel girl…hehe. tapi I tak wabak towel sendiri…kalau tak leh exchange. You should’ve told me, or U tanak kasi can kat I?

  4. k salam hans!! k salam hans!! *ayaq liur leleh

  5. aj: nak tisu…alalalala…lap ayaq liur tuh…

    cik PMS: hi…cak!