I'm Married!

It’s true. I’m not joking. Actually I’m married for almost a month now. It’s just My (my wife, that’s her nickname) had to delay her trip to KL for a while, and I had to come back to work early since I only have unpaid leaves. I had to postpone my honeymoon.

I’m sorry I had to break the story this late. I’ve been quite busy lately, especially when my parent’s gone to Johore to take care of my brother’s business when he’s performing Umrah. Even the last 3 posts were old posts, kept as draft.

No, there was no grand ceremony. we didn’t even have a pelamin (altar). It’s just made simple, since the marriage itself was arrange in less than a month. I didn’t get to see My that much. We’ve yet to properly know each other yet. what I know about her, is what her friends told me, and vice versa. Yes, we’ve never met prior to marriage.

In one of my previous posts, Kaplye had commented that i’m the wajib kahwin (must get married) type. Well, here I am. Now you know why I’m so gersang (horny? desperate? If gersang=desperate, Desperate Housewives = Isteri-isteri Gersang?), and it shows in the posts.

The best thing is, today she’s coming home! She’ll be following my parents who’s been staying at my brother’s house since the last 2 weeks. I still have to wait for the pictures to arrive with them. well, I can’t take my own picture on my own wedding, can I?

I’ll be sharing with you all the pictures when I have the time to publish it here.


7 responses to “I'm Married!”

  1. booo.. bluakkss… upload la gambo Myvi tu..

  2. blurryreen Avatar

    oi..curik gambar kakak aku..ckp dgn kak muni..mesti dia suruh ko bayar royalty kt dia coz guna gamabr kawen dia..

  3. hmmnn.. i wonder.. u know… married couple..how u gonna do.. emm/.. that.. thing… which part.. huahuahaha. such an abnormal guy.. tak sanggup aku bayangkan..kikiki! neway tahniah… bile la turn aku plak

  4. wlady: nak tumpang?turun shah alam la…shah alam jarang jem…banjir je skali skala…ala, kl pun,kan?

    reen: hape curik2…tu copyright ttp aku nyer tau..haha…royalti ke..haha…tak payah la…lalalala

    kaplye: akan datang beb…akan datang…bila dah sampai jodoh..ala, se-abnormal aku, takde la buat dgn monitor LG Flatron 19″ macam sahabat kita tu..hehe

  5. YouKnowWho Avatar

    nanti ko.. ko bawak cik My ko tu… aku harass cukup2…. huahuahua

  6. hahah.. aku harap mamat tu bace comment ni doh. die palinh banormal antara korang2.. (ceh, xtermasuk aku la nih)

    denga die kapel ngn dvd-rom skrg..heheh

  7. idontknowwho: cis berani kao mau menyantuh bini no 3 ku!!

    kaplye: aku dah suh dia baca. aritu dia baru lepas clash dgn wireless router dia…gaduh besar aku dengar