Look at the picture below. Enlarge it as you please. Do you notice anything weird? Read on.

I’ve been playing around with Google Earth, and had a very good time. It’s a kind of voyeur, although not in real time. I had the chance to find out where some of my friends live, provided if they live within the high resolution map area, unlike my house, which lies in the blurry map (not blurryreen) area.

Better still, there’s a road mapping service, to show the road map from point A to point B. It’s very simple. Just click on your starting point, and then click on your destination. Google Earth will provide you with the road map, much like a GPS mapping system. This function, however, is currently operational in US and some other developed country that have their own GPS mapping/positioning system only. You can add your own mapping service, using the Path function provided.

In Malaysia, at least in the high resolution map region, some people had taken it up to them to name the major locations. This is most prominent in Kuala Lumpur. Nobody has yet to provide paths to and from those locations, but I’m sure that will change, soon.

I know this has nothing to do with the picture above. It’s not even in Asia, moreover Malaysia. Just giving you time to read and ponder some thoughts. See what I saw? Here’s what I spotted in that picture.


5 responses to “Wacky Weird World”

  1. blurryreen Avatar

    uhuk uhuk..nasib baik epiglottis aku masih berfungsi dgn intactnya vagus nerve aku..tersedak2 aku ada org sebut nama..

  2. blurryreen Avatar

    wey,by the way,im coming back to shah alam nxt week,for 1 month hols.bila nk blanja and bawak naik kereta baru?cant wait to test out ur car’s suspension[i gained more weight lately.gasp!must be hypothyroid]

  3. blurryreen: no prob, girl. maybei’ll bring u together if a trip my friends are setting up. at least there’s a certified medical practitioner (you’re yrt to be a doctor yet,right?) nearby…

    oh…susah jugak orang yang ada MD ni nak sebut tersedak ye.

  4. itu lorr nama dia GIS (geographical Info Sys).
    tak silap ada satu website kat malaysia ini under RoadMap yang ada itu website (tapi tadek laa secanggih point A ke B punye info).
    cuma kalu tekan dekat satu point atas peta,dia akan kluarkan data tempat tersebut. pastu ada aerial photography apekejada laei smer.

    ini tak habes ni kalu nak citer lagi nih..

  5. aj: tu ar. kalau leh buat yang siap leh tunjuk jalan kan best. depa ni siap bagitau pusing ke kanan/kiri bila kat simpang, lengkap la. nak try buat yang msia nyer, tapi aku pun slalu sesat.kalau ada menda alah ni, takde la alasan sesat kalau nak pegi kenduri apa2, sedangkan lambat pasal tgk AF sampai habes..hehe