My Interview with Raja Azmi

This is a mock interview between Raja Azmi and me. I’m asking, and the answer she gave, was taken from an interview in Melodi, answering a similar question.

Me : Why was that Raja Azmi, Gubra shouldn’t win? Then which film should?

RA : I don’t know. Last year I chose PGL, but this year I don’t know.

Me : So if you don’t know which other film should win, why shouldn’t Gubra? Do you have anything personal against Yasmin? Or are you jealous of her works as compared to Cinta 200 Ela, and Black Widow Wajah Ayu?

RA : No, I don’t even know Yasmin, we never even met. We don’t have anything betweeen us.

Me : Yeah, right. You don’t know which film should win, yet you still stand against Gubra‘s win. And after all that you have done to put down Gubra, Sepet, and Rabun, you still said that you have nothing against Yasmin or her works. Sounds contradictory, don’t you think?

Anybody have any theory on her actions?


5 responses to “My Interview with Raja Azmi”

  1. oi, i read this entry of urs before tdo last nite then i dreamt of raja azmi accusing me of fitnah-ing her.. all coz u sent her this one SMS layang.

    she called the number which the SMS from n it happened to b at that exact moment i pegang ur henfon.. i dun remember why, u asked me to keep it for u kejap coz u gi outstation kehape ntah.

    then she made police report, police hunted me, then i got caught n sent to ireland. all the way i accused u of being stoopid enuff to sent that SMS using ur own mobile. cis!

    ngeri la.. i blame u for the restless sleep!

  2. Intan : I never thought my witing would effect someone THAT much, let alone haunt them in their dreams….

    but it’s a funny as helium dream you got there….

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    RA prolly got too much of freetime since she’s now not directing any movies anymore (i’m sick to death everytime i think of her movies la ok). Having said that, her popularity oso heading south. All this provocative issues by her are intentionally done lah i guess, besides it’s free publicity which she needs it badly since she’s no more making money.

    sorry i cant answer u lizzam, am a bit emotional and got the tendency to be bias now.

  4. honestly dude, i dont know what she has inside or she has to against yasmin… for all i know, her comments are nonsense..

    if she really² want to get to the root of ‘memcemar budaya’ or in other words tak senonoh, why only questioned yasmin’s product? why dont she questioned the stupid behaviour of badul that night..

    that old man really deserve a smack from my hand.. so inappropriate.. tak malu ke anak² tengok.. stupid.

    so, for me.. nothing came from RA i can put into my list of things i want to ponder.. she’s not worth it..

  5. anonymous : Bad publicity only works as a good publicity, if another party imposed it on you, not you do it yourself. If RA thought of making a movie after this, her movies will be critically judged based on Yasmin’s movies. And judging from Cinta 200 Ela, she’s shooting her own feet with a bazooka.

    wlady : One of Badul’s trademark is beautiful women and sexist remarks. I don’t blame him entirely, since even Yasmin said similar words in AF. Although he should’ve stopped after they stared naming the nominees.