I'm very-very Malaysian one…

According to KennySia,

Congratulations Lizzam, you are 6% not Malaysian.

That means you’re as Malaysian as…

Abdullah Badawi !

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

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5 responses to “I'm very-very Malaysian one…”

  1. Congratulations aie, you are 49% not Malaysian.

    That means you’re as Malaysian as…
    Michelle Yeoh!

    wah lau eh.. im a hottie! ahaha! err.. hepi independence day, lizzam. wen izzit ah? i stay overseas so long i forget oledi. LOL. =p

  2. god! im also 49% not malaysian too! im as good as michelle yeoh.

  3. Same here.
    Am 45% not Malaysian. But the answers given oso are very the funny and so salah wan. How to judge Malaysian or not like that.

    U’r 6%. Wa lau eh, u sure like to cut queue wan. 😛

    Halo lizzam!!

  4. intan : the Independance day is this coming thursday, darling. Dont forget to wavr your flags. kalau susah nak dapat print je, macam I buat…

    kookabooras : ko tak nak mengaku hottie macam Intan jugak ke?

    Orked : I only cut queue when I’m driving. See, very Malaysian one…

  5. i know la it’s this thursday. got some makan2 here.. i heard got ppl gonna silat2 as well. org segelanggang juga.. sebbaik tak soh mak yg ayu ni buat. mak tak kose, nyah. baik mak makan sambil tepuk2 tangan. =p