My mood’s down today.

I think it’s P.M.S.

Post Month Salary :- when you get your salary after the working month, not on the end of it. i.e. February’s pay is on the beginning of March.
Source: Qubepedia.

And my PMS is late. Go figure

At work, alternated (techspeak: ALT+Tab) between Meebo, YouTube, work, and a mutant lobster’s blog.

See, Nell, I’m sending you traffic. BWAHAHAHAHAHA….

At home, alternated between “Whose line is it anyways” (since I’ll be missing Actorlympics) on You Tube, and the whole 3 years of the Mutant-lobster-who-confuses-spacebar-with-the-Enter-button’s blog.

Now I’m confused between spacebar and the Enter (Return) button.

Not to mention I miss Labuan. If only there’s a decent cineplex there.


6 responses to “P.M.S”

  1. space bars and enter buttons are overrated anyways.
    see if you can remember a recent conversation we had about me explicitly telling you i rather not have anyone reading my blog. i think i can distictly remember telling you exactly that.
    ok ok, how much do i owe u?

  2. chloe : See, our connection is more than just the Internet!

    why you’re reading your own archive la?bored issit?

    cik PMS : Kat Labuan takde jam
    kat labuan tayah byr RM2 nak pegi ke tempat sejauh 1km
    kat labuan keta murah
    pantai kat labuan lagi best dari pantai kat KL (pantai dalam)

    tapi kat labuan takde cinema…huhuhu

    lamb : I know u said u dont want, but i also know you say you dont want but you want but shy-shy to say…

    a BK meal and a movie per 100 impressions should suffice, yes?

  3. haaa ye lah tu.
    pantai kat labuan ada jaws.

    takde cinema and ada satu je tempat riadah, iaitu the bowling place. satuuuu labuan main bowling kat situ.

    oh sungguh bohsan.

    p/s: you PMS PMS ni, rindu kat i kot?
    bila nak tengok wayang oooiiii.