Siti's Lovebite

Malay Mail, 4th September 2006, by Joe Lee

I found this both amusing and heart-breaking, at the same time…

Although I’ve had it with Siti+DK and Mawi+Ina’s story, this is something I didn’t expect, and it invoked both mixed feelings and wild imaginations.

What’s on your mind, now?


7 responses to “Siti's Lovebite”

  1. ahaha.. mende ar. lantak la apa pun.. dia dh kawen. mixed feeling.. klako la ko ni, lizzam. aku tak kose nk bersimpati.. ahaha!

  2. hmm.. i never expected you will post this one.. not funny at all. just give her a break yah?

  3. sinaps : since I don’t know what jealous+amused+intrigued+macam-macam lagi feeling is called, mixed feelings sounds near enough

    wlady : sorry nina, but as someone who used to dream administering similar marks on her (like, 8 years ago…), I can’t help it.

  4. dia kan dah kawen. so?

  5. Ic3dLatt3 : Yes, she’s married, and yes, married couples having love bites are common and normal.

    it’s just my imagination goes to the point of the mark being made.

    how come no male commenters? although this post received the highest readings so far, I think i’m out numbered!

  6. there’s nothin’ on my mind bro…except,


    see, i puke again.

  7. aman : oi aman, go puke in your own blog la…hahahaha