10 Things I Don't Know About Me

I know many people can analyse somebody thru their handwriting, their appearance, the way they comb their hair, and so on and so forth. And I know although many of us may not master it completely, we can still analyse somebody from afar or from just looking at them.

Most of the time, the person being analysed, would not even realize about the it until being told about it. Many experienced interviewers have this capabilities. Not to mention our future in laws.

So, I’m actually challenging you, to comeup with things I don’t know about me. You can write as many things as you want,

But I’ll be choosing the 10 most precise, and least known to me in this blog, along with the name of the genius who saw it. If possible, cite how did you come to such conclusion.

Come on, prove your IQ prowess. This may also increase incoming links to your blog (important to technoctati users), and who knows, you might find something you don’t know about yourself!

update: After pondering on your comment, I’m choosing these as the 10 Things I Don’t Know About Me. (in no particular order).

  1. I’m shallower than a dry kiddie pool *hurt* – disputed lamb
  2. I’m more knowledgeable in Web developement than I know? I think A raise should be in order. – Kaz
  3. I blog too much – Kaz
  4. I think too much. – Pyerudz
  5. I like to think and read a lot – IMJ
  6. Someone does like my writing, albeit fluctually – Aman
  7. I’m a ass-kisser.
  8. I’m more of an average joe than I thought I am.
  9. My singing sucks big time.
  10. This didn’t work. huhu…


14 responses to “10 Things I Don't Know About Me”

  1. I want to ‘evaluate’ you but I’ve only met you in person, like, I can count with my fingers? Hehe…

  2. lynn : actually, that’s part of the challenge. There’s a lot of things you can use, like, my blog, first impressions, my looks etc etc…

  3. mannn.
    this is the cheating-est way of updating.

    i’ve never met you la saiko, how to evaluate?

  4. cik PMS : mmg benda ni sungguh saiko…eleh, mesti bole punya…kita kan Bolehians tinggal kat Bolehland…

  5. handwriting, like looks, can be deceiving.

    however, by someone’s writing style i can judge the level of intellectuality and maturity.

    for you brader i can give you Level 7 with 10 being the best. kira ok aper…


  6. honestly, i barely go to your site. But i followed your writing and ideas from afdlin group (i’m a passive members, however). i think you like to think and read a lot. i always like your ideas and the way u write, tho i never know u in person.

  7. i got nothing dude. to me, you’re shallower than a dry kiddie pool. no hidden depths at all. i mean, you already know you’re a lame, hairy, neurotic maniac, right?

    (this is for the smartass comment you left on my blog)

  8. Er..

    You are lot more hairier than you know?

    More perverted than you know?

    More knowledgeable in Web developement than you know?

    Paid more than you should be at work? (hehe, cutback those blog time buddy)

    well… thats about it, will tell more once i got a time off.

  9. aman : haha…tenkiu…tenkiu… am flattered…

    lmj : thanks girl..i really do appreciate that. Hope non of my writing did offend you. but if it did, i’m all open to new ideas and even debates.

    lamb : “lame, hairy, neurotic maniac”…come on..come up with something new…i think you hate me more than that, right (:p)

    kaz : “More knowledgeable in Web developement than you know?

    Paid more than you should be at work? (hehe, cutback those blog time buddy)”

    I’m more knowledgeable so I have to have higher pay, and I counter it with high blog time. how’s that?

  10. you think too much. not so good. give yourself a break.
    sometimes, you need to just feel.
    do you feel me, bro?

  11. don’t be too teruja brader. numbers do change. today you’re Level 6 ekekekek

  12. pyerudz : well, I’m not so much of a feeler, since feelings had eluded me from the proper path many times in my life, but I do try to balance it all out. Yeah, I feel you bro (not in a gayish way)

    aman : well, good things are not meant to last forever, doesn’t it. except heavens, maybe.

  13. lol. sorry i didnt do this thingy. i doubt i know sumthing that u dunno oledi. =p

  14. sinaps : well, you never know, don’t you…not too late though.