29th Oct 2006 – Aidilfitri Impromptu Convoy

An impromptu visit from Kap and Jenal results in an impromtu convoy. It was great, except when I, as usual, have my screw-ups in the end.


6 responses to “29th Oct 2006 – Aidilfitri Impromptu Convoy”

  1. blurryreen Avatar

    zam,sorry i wasnt around when u and ein came to my place for raya..next time dont pull such stunt la..tell me before u come to my home..happened before rite,the two of u came and i wasnt at home..see?never learn ur lesson..hehe and regards to the guy who plays the guitar in striped shirt.. ;p

  2. Reen : Hey, don’t worry about that..it was an ad hoc plan..tak pe la…bukan best sgt pun tgk muka ko…

    err…ko kenal ke that guy?

  3. ooo, gamba ni… ya ya ya..
    cak eee emmm

  4. blurryreen Avatar

    elleh..xbest kunun tgk muka aku..tapi kejap2 ajak aku gi minum…hehe
    nope,dont know him.just thought in tht pic he looks adorable.

  5. Myvi ada ABS ek?

  6. kaplye : a’ emm…. cemplung… gedumbe…

    reen : la, kan ko utang aku blanja ko minum…buat2 lupa lak

    cik PMS : ada la.sila rujuk post seterusnye. ni apsal soklan ni masuk post ni plak ni..