I Want SEX…

…spoken freely in a professional manner, but it seems that our leaders are not ready for that. I have read the article, but failed to see anything vulgar about it. There are more vulgar double meaning words in Senario sitcoms than what is discussed in the 4 page report. It’s not describing in detail on what’s happening under the blanket, instead discusses on a general topic, that is only arousing to those who’s going to get it, or those who’s aroused at the word SEX it self.

I’m very much appalled with our leader‘s mindset. See the word SEX, it’s vulgar. See the word DEVIL, it’s devil-worshipping. I wonder when they would ban the word SEX in forms, and change the name Saxaphone to Genderaphone (huh?).

I mean, even in Islam, (most of) the leaders’ religion, talks about SEX, why can’t we? should we not teach ourselves about SEX accordingly? Is SEX just about whores, unplanned pregnancy and abortions?

It’s not that I’m encouraging the topic to be spoken freely without barriers, that a man can freely ask a woman about her SEXual fantasies, or favourite positions, in public spaces, while hinting on doing it tonight. There’s a difference between an intellectual discussion and SEXual harrassment.

SEX shouldn’t be banned from an objective discussion. The leaders are afraid that the topic may lead to more unsafe SEX. The question is, if the topic is a taboo, how can we educate the youth about SEX? about when are they supposed to do it, and how? SEX has been openly discussed and taught to Science students in Form 3, but it’s not taught on the do’s and don’ts.

I think the leaders are just trying to grab people’s attentions as their other endeavor had back fired. Well, this too, I think have backfired, when the leaders telling is that we’re not matured yet to talk about SEX. Who is actually immatured?

Another thing to ponder, why does a serious discussion on SEX a taboo, when more and more flesh are being shown by our celebrities, including even the leader‘s wives and daughters? Just go to any event with the leaders as VIPs, and you’ll see what I mean. And for that, the leaders nod their head, and gave a standing ovation (if you know what I mean). Not to mention more and more SEX scenes shown on our local screens, both in the cinema, and in our home.

I hope that we will mature ourselves and not jump to quick, immature conclusions based on what others say. SEX is not a problem, but the lack of knowledge about it, is. And how are we going to educate when it is something we cannot talk about freely?. Parents shouldn’t be afraid to show their affections (affections only, not having SEX) to each other in front of the kids, and they should be showing a good example on SEX and those related to it. Teachers shouldn’t be afraid to raise this topic in class, but must be able to handle the topic wisely. We, shouldn’t regard SEX as something dirty, but a natural process of reproducing, that should be practiced in a proper manner and with enough knowledge.

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Agreed 100%. For a country that’s so afraid of sex, it sure seems to enjoy that gigantic stick up it’s ass o_O

  2. DavidGX :David, your comment seems out of place and downright insulting, especially for someone who don’t seem to understand the matter I’m writing about. or do you, David?