Refresh My Ride

MTV had started a show some time ago, entitled “Pimp My Ride“. It was a simple show, of a group of rappers pimping some lucky fella’s ride, to see how much an average car can be pimped, and to show the shocked face in the end.

This then, started some cult following, as pimping ones’ car is highly limited to those with money, and when those with money does it, the ride will be pimped beyond recognition, with extravagant paintjob, ridiculous hydrolics, and many more.

The cult has now reached Malaysia, when Shell Helix and TV3 decides to cook one up for the locals. And in full spirit of Malaysia Boleh, guess what’s the name of the show?

Refresh My Ride.

I had to finish laughing to start writing this. I mean, is there someone out there in Malaysia who actually use “refresh” my car? Maybe they should’ve read KennySia and Mr Brown and name the show “Zhng My Ride”! Or to make it more Malaysian, it whould be “Zhng My Ride-Lah!”

Okay, let’s do this professionally. I’ll lay down the math for you.

we’re given Pimp = Mod = Modify
so Pimping = Modding = Modifying
So if Pimp My Ride = Refresh My Ride
then Pimp = Refresh = Mod = Modify

now we take the formula, into the IT zone. In the IT world, we use Modding to say we’re modifying our PCs.

so Modify = Mod = Pimp = Refresh
and since Refresh = F5 (press the F5 button and it will refresh the content of what you’re viewing on a PC),
and Modify = Mod = Pimp = Refresh = F5.

So Pimp = F5.

Now, according to this formula, everytime I’m going to upgrade my PC, or my ride, I’ll just say “I’m going to F5 My PC/Car-lah!“…

They chould also change the show’s name to “F5 my ride-lah!“. More Malaysian flavour.

Can ah?


11 responses to “Refresh My Ride”

  1. CAN!!!

    iklan: Pierre comel
    Tenkiu, hehe.

  2. i think can’t la…
    F5 my ride-lah! more IT and related to just PC.

  3. can…. so much of IT guy..
    phhbbbtt !

  4. Sungguhlah lame tajuknya.
    Tengok montage graphics pun nampak sangat ke’pimp’annya tu. Nak tiru pun agak-agak la.
    Versi bagi duit bajet2 tu? Pun tiru another MTV show. Dahla bajet bagi RM5000 je…kesian…

    Saya nak pi carik FatJoe atau Lil’Jon la, diorang dah buat Pimp My Ride International. untung2 Lancer 70an yang tersadai kat rumah tu dapat tukar jadi bouncin baby (belum kira trademark diorang – flat screens everywhere).


  5. Lynn : Ye…Ye….saya setuju…Ye…Ye…

    Azril : Then aku bleh la bukak kedai F5 My Rig-lah!

    wlady : eleh, jeles…

    cik PMS : hi…dah tgk ke Nota Maut? (or is it Nota Kematian)?

    azyze : lancer 70-an?whoa…I nak try antar my 1970 Toyota juga la…kalau tak pun my Myvi pun ook gak..hehe

  6. dah la..
    tapi sungguh mengecewakan. i dont even know where i should start complaining..

  7. cik PMS : mebi u letak hopes tinggi sgt kot…

  8. The anime was good.

  9. emmanuel : which anime? DeathNote?

  10. Yep Death Note. Check out the part L reveals himself to Light.Freakily genius.