Thank You For Smoking Barnyard

Over the weekend I’va watched 2 new movies, and I’d like to write a short review. As they said, brevity is.

1. Barnyard – Run of the mill animation we could see all over and over again. Talking, dancing animals, silly talkative sidekicks, moral in the end, and can-you-spot-the-pop-culture-reference scenes. Only the pop culture reference scenes is made into a product placement, by putting the real thing (or it seems like it) . The rest, typical.

Pros : Pop Culture reference combined with product placement is a first in the genre, Nice songs.
Cons : Typical animal 3d animations you can watch on other movies.
Rate : 3/5

2. Thank You For Smoking – Witty, cynical, and a slap in the face for everyone. I’d recommend this for anyone who wants to be articulated, and to sharpen your tongue. You have to listen to everything said in this movie, not that it’s crucial to the plot, but crucial to understand the life we’re in. If the good guy’s the bad guy, then who’d you side with?

Pros : Witty, Sarcastic, Genius, cruise speed storyline does not bore you even with minimal action, the whole script is a work of art!
Cons : Smoking IS bad people…no matter what the lobbyist says.
Rate : 5/5


2 responses to “Thank You For Smoking Barnyard”

  1. Dunno, thought “Thank You For Smoking” was a seriously dull movie… 😛

  2. gallivanter : really?Different preferences, I suppose…