Cut through the clutter.

Unexpected is good. An exceptional streamlined browsing technology known as the Cut Away Effect™, randomly prevents 9/10 of the browser from rendering properly in order to save system resources. This is not a bug.

Do more by doing less.

Open multiple copies of Microsoft websites in one window with tabbed browsing. See thumbnail images of all Microsoft sites in a single view. Organize multiple tabs of sites into a single tab group of everything Microsoft and save it as a favorite. Opening 30 of your favorite Microsoft sites has never been easier.

Print it right the first time

Microsoft Firefox 2007 automatically shrinks text to abysmally small sizes, so all webpage content can fit onto a single apostrophe on your final printed page. This saves ink. Printing options includes adjustable margins, customizable margins, removable margins and more changeable margins. Manipulating margins has never been so exciting.

Fun at the speed of light.

Tired of slow image rendering? Microsoft Firefox 2007 can deliver online pornography at blazing fiery speeds. By using a proprietary dynamic algorithm, anything that remotely resembles a tit or a boob will download up to 10 times faster!

Choose multiple search providers.

Search the Internet directly from the browser frame using your favorite Microsoft search provider with the instant search box.

Put safety first.

A robust new Microsoft security architecture known as TakeOver™ helps to protect the Windows Kernel from malicious, damaging and viral software such as Symantec and McAfee products.

Anybody thinking of upgrading already?I just had my laugh of the day reading this…