10 Reasons Why I Hate The Film CINTA

Here’s 10 reasons why I hate the film CINTA…

  1. Reminds me of so many occurences in my life
  2. I cannot watch it casually with a male friend.
  3. I have to choose between smiling at the cheesy part between Eizlan and Fasha, or just enjoying her being an eye candy.
  4. I have to supress my envy when Pierre gets to be hugged multiple times by Amani.
  5. I got more than what I paid for since the ad says 5 love stories, but instead I got 9 (each character have their own story, except for Eizlan and Fasha’s story.)
  6. I got to see more public transportations than any other films in Malaysia to date.
  7. KL in this movie looks so serene, so clear, even the flats looks grand.
  8. I don’t get to finish my pop corn. Either I was busy “covering up” or was too immersed by the movie.
  9. This movie makes me cry in public.
  10. and i cannot cry to the fullest, since I’m in a cinema and I still have some of my male ego left

This is a must watch. I’m lobbying to my family for us to go together, but somehow I need to be strong, so I don’t break down in front of them…huhu

Rating: 4/5


19 responses to “10 Reasons Why I Hate The Film CINTA”

  1. i hate you bcoz i thot i will finally hear not nice things abt the film since…

    i hate myself bcoz i have watched the film 2 times n i want to watch it again n again…

  2. Eleh kontol macho konon, nangis je la. Hehe…

    I admire guys who are able to show their sensitive side, chewah.

    I luv Pierre. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. liza : what is bad to talk about love? love DOES makes the world go around, luv…

    ic3dlatt3 : sapa?nina ke?cepat la gi tgk…don’t miss the bandwagon!

    mr. Herman : if the time and date takde apa2 i’ll join y’all. bukan senang nak tgk korang nangis…hehe. org baru kawin mesti setimental nyer…kan?

    lynn : I admire guys who are able to show their sensitive side, chewah.

    be careful of what you wish. kang jadi macam Elliott (Brendan Fraser) dlm Bedazzled kang…

    “I don’t wipe my tears, I wear them proudly…”

  4. i second the wimp part…
    hehe, but still, sounds like a nice movie… nell wanna join? i owe u a dinner remember?

    and waddya mean busy covering up? covering up what?

  5. er.. yeah.. i thought you were the one drafting the plan…

    anyway, i will be busy working at kemaman (terengganu) for about 2 weeks. so mebe after that…

  6. lamb : shaddap!

    kaz : ceh.tapi kalau ko nangis mmg citer ni berjaya la. ko leh kira acid test filem2 tempatan!weh, balik ganu bwk kopok lekor…ko tau kan kopok lekor tu camna?

    cik PMS : elleh…gelak org konon.klu dia tah camna tah

  7. man, u cried? like with tears streaming down your cheek cry, cry? ๐Ÿ˜›

    well, i cried too. beriya pulak tu. and it got worse at my 2nd time watching it. want to see it again but the ‘me cry a river’ part somehow or rather is ‘too hard to handle’ ah. heh.

    the movie makes me heart bleed to tears. anyway, yahh.. very worth watching.

    btw hey lizzam, how u doin? ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. orked : nuthing flowed la.managed to maintain integrity of the empangan…hehe.

    I’m fine, dear.thanks for asking. how bout u?senyap je…

  9. er.. keropol lekor? itu keropok yg ada ekor ker?
    aku keje kat port minyak petrol lar, tak tau leh goreng keropok ekor ker tak.
    The last time i cried while watching a movie was the movie “Tombstones of Fireflies” japanese animation, by the same guy who made Princess Mononoke… now that is worth crying to. Will wait at what Cinta can do.. ehehe

  10. neomesuff :bring your husband along…at least there’s emotional support by your side.

    kaz : no comment on the keropok lekor. but “Tombstone of The Fireflies” is seriously a tearjerker. dear readers. belive me. if Kaz cry watching this, you have a high percentage doing so. And it’s also a must watch. No matter if you don’t like Japanese or Anime, you’ll find this one very-very close to heart.

  11. kaz: just bagitau bile u balik je la. next coupla week ni pun im kinda swamped (courses, training) and im almost, kinda, sorta sure that by the time both of us are free enough to watch the muvi, theyll stop showing it at wayangs already. but you still owe me dinner, and then some.

    lizzam: i bet u cried watching hindustan muvies too kan? pussy.

  12. lamb : sorry la wei….aku tak tgk industan la…penat nak tunggu dia abis nyanyi.even cerita superhero dia pun sempat nyanyi lepas selamatkan heroin…