Want to Marry Me?

Being in a position as I am, one could not avoid easily being asked the dreaded question.

“Bila kau nak kahwin?” (when are you going to marry?)

Usually, I’d give some lame, default answers such as “lama lagi” (not in the near future), “kumpul duit dulu” (need to save up first), or “tgh frust Siti kahwin orang lain…” (am frust Siti married some other guy).

Sometimes, if the person who asked has a similar brainwave, I would answer “tengah tunggu Mawi masuk meminang aku” (am waiting for Mawi to propose to me) or “Aku belum sunat lagi” (haven’t circumcised yet). It really depends on the situation.

And so, for those who asked me online, let me save myself and my keyboard some keystrokes and show you this video. This is my cousin, about my age. He was among those who does the bride/groom ragging ceremony. and so, he’s the last one in the gang to get married. Those in this group, usually gets the worst.

He’s lucky, however, depending on how you look at it. The ragging session was asked to be toned down, as to repect the passing of a beloved uncle. But tradition still goes on…

I’ll try to find our old videos with harsher ragging sessions…although my favourite one was not captured on any media since my dad’s video cam was out of order. That one, was a hilarious. Where else would you get a cousin of yours (male) dressed up in a dress, in full make up, sitting beside you on the altar? Not to mention the Who Wants To Be A Pengantin tolls…

One really need to be there to understand, though.