How's My Voice?

Dear readers.

I need your help. For those of you, who had the pleasure (depending on how you see it) of having a real-life conversation with me, can you tell me how do I speak? I intend to improve my way of speaking in 2007, if possible.

I had realized that I had a rather nasal voice. I sound okay when I hear myself speaking, but others sometime find it hard to comprehend me. I’ve recorded myself reading a passage or chatting, and basically I hated how I sound.

In general, those guys with deep voices are heaven sent. They are the ones we hear as Deejays and Emcees. Even female with a “womanly voice” is considered deep voice, since it seems that they speak form the stomach, but with soft feminine nuances. I’ve tried to speak with my “deep voice” before, only to be asked if I had a sore throat, or if I had just waken up.

Those deep-voiced persons are however, divided into 2 (from my observations). One, is the gentleman voice, who naturally speak to other people and melt their heart away. Another, is the one whose voice is weird normally, but heavenly when recorded, or electronically distorted.

I’ve a friend, whose voice I’ve used for one of my project. Initially, I assisted her in recording her own voice, for her project. Upon playback, I was surprised that her voice went from a high pitch squeaking nature, to a womanly voice you’d hear in an elevator mentioning which floor you’re on right now.

In my case, I suck in both department. My voice does not improve over the phone, nor in the real life. For most of the time, I’d just accept it as a God’s gift to me. But the trouble is, some people failed to comprehend what I was talking about. It shouldn’t be a problem, if the other person asks me to repeat, so I’ll just speak louder, and slower. The problem is, when the person just pretends to understand, and nods..

I’ve had times when I was asking a question, and the person just nods. In Example:

Me : Where are we going to eat?
Other Person : *nods*

I’ve asked around, about my speeches. Some make useful remarks, such as I speak too fast, too mumbled, and too nasal. Some just say that I speak okay. Others just nods.

Me : How’s my speech? You seem to have trouble understanding me.
Other Person : *nods*

So, if anyone here can assist me in this department. I believe my problem is mainly about my speech, but if my voice can be “upgraded”, it would be much appreciated.