Who's the Bad Driver Now?

If every time I read or hear about Malaysians ranting about other Malaysians‘ driving, I get RM1, I’d be filthy rich by now. Sometimes, we keep looking at other people and their faults, we seldom have time to see ourselves in the mirror.

Have you been wondering, after all the rantings, cussing, bitching, how do YOU drive? I did, and if I can sit by myself while I’m driving (that’s hard to type, let alone to do), only then would I know for sure.

I’ve sat aside drivers who won’t stop cussing at the ‘other irresponsible’ drivers, only to do the exact things s/he ‘despised’ her/himself. Even the females do this. No, make that EVERYONE.

When we’re at the steering wheel, we’re in our own bubble, our own world. We do as we wish, and reacts to the other ‘bubbles’ around us. We always believe that we’re doing the right thing, for the right reasons and we expect others to obey and follow suit.

Do we believe that we’re always right about something? Nowadays, there’s a lot of blog posts about (other) bad drivers, (other) stupid shoppers, (other) dumb LRT/Komuter/Bus passenger, and so on and so forth. But these persons (me included) may not be behaving as well as we had hoped the others would do.

Maybe if we could see ourselves in a 3rd person’s view, only then would we realize how badly did we behave. That’s why some of us don’t like seeing a candid image/video of them, since they’ll see a side that’s oblivious to them in the first place.


6 responses to “Who's the Bad Driver Now?”

  1. well.. coz i know i drive like hell (im one of those cilok2 ppl) i rarely curse ke apa.. xcept to those ppl yg faham makna ‘considerate’. even aku cilok secara berhemah tau, with signal n all. hmmph!

  2. Intan : “rarely curse”? Can’t even imagine how you would curse someone, not with foul words i guess. Maybe we’re all our own monster…

  3. “bengong”.. “pecut la bior masuk parit depan tu, mati pun takpe”..

    tu bukan curse ke? =p

  4. I’m a good driver. period.


  5. im an exceptional driver. ask my..erm, ask..urm..well, i am.
    its always the next car retard’s fault. always.

  6. Intan : at least that’s FAR cleaner than mine at times. kira boleh buat dialog felem la ko punya…

    Rotidua : err…ok… race jom! (:p)

    Lamb : Okay, I believe you. But you’re still not allowed to drive my car.