First Letters of the Paragraphs

Facing life, we put on our facade of smiles and giggles, while our heart torn and rot itself in invisible agony. It’s never the other way around. Nobody wants to be lied to, yet we lie each and every single day, without even noticing it. A smile is like a snake’s venom, both heals and kills.

Under normal condition, we use our smile as an honest expression. Under the same, normal condition, we use that smile of ours to hide the fact that we’re not exactly the person we appear to be. Weird, this smile is.

Camouflaged beneath the smile, is always a heart misunderstood, either by others, or by itself. Sometimes, even both. It suffers form the world, feeling that others won’t be able to help them, let alone to share their pain. Any attempts to let it go, would usually result in even more pain.

Knowing this, nothing much can be done, really. If we chose to freely let our feeling dictate our actions and reactions, we’re risking being a social outcast, for not conforming, or at least appear to conform to the norms and expectations of the masses.

After all, we are living in a world of expectations

Love is said to be the reason the world is still spinning. But look around. Most of what actually spinning this world, is either shiny and glittery, or pieces of colored papers with paintings and numbers printed in not-so-friendly letters.

Life looks bleak, no matter from which angle it is seen. Innocent children burdened with adult problems and mistakes, and adults acting like children, prancing around people’s wound, sprinkling salt and lemon juices on it.

Time seems to fly, oblivious that we’re lagging behind. There’s never enough time to do much, but there’s so much things to do. And suddenly, we realized that we have been on autopilot, just gliding through time, neglecting our primary purpose, but then it’s too late.

Hate is the lingua franca nowadays, where more of us are connected by hatred rather than love. If love makes the world go around, hate speeds it up, to the point that the world shatters and crumbles, exterminating the virus infecting in it.

Infection, is that what we are? Infecting the world with much of what it doesn’t need, taking it away of what it needs.



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