My Current Favourite TV Advert

I laughed my hearts out when I first watched the DIGI advert, where a mother, her son, and her son’s ‘lover’ was in a heated debate, in a Hindustani movie scene. The part that made me laughed was, although all the rain, thunderstorms, and expressions were there, all the dialogs were in SMSes! They even included some smileys!

Although the I Will Follow You series of adverts have been made a joke on Digi (The Yellow DIGI Man is held responsible for DIGI‘s spotty coverage, because he likes to walk around and be left behind..), this one is just a gem!

Oh, not forgetting the Hello advert also from DIGI. It seems DIGI have gotten themselves one hell of a advertising team. I would like to congratulate them, but I don’t really know which company/team are behind it. Mute, maybe you know?


2 responses to “My Current Favourite TV Advert”

  1. i think those yellow digi men (women?) look hideous la.

  2. yalaaa…scary la that yellow ppl but they manage to attract ppl, they certainly beat maxis due to tht advert