A Guy's Post

Disclaimer: Although the majority of my readers are (reportedly) female, I just need to let this out of my system. And what better way to do it than to write?

Urinals: the fast-lane for the gents, the express counter for the mens, and so on and so forth. It has been designed to provide quick access to relief, almost strictly to men only (and women with milk cartons, :p ). It is designed for one purpose and 1 purpose only, to be peed on.

Photo from www.cs.uml.edu

So the issue is, HOW THE HELL DID I SEE SOME PUBIC HAIR ON THE URINAL? not in the sink hole, no sir…it’s somewhere on the top.

What? Were you grooming there? Oh, get a stall! If it was stuck to your zipper, then shame on you for failing to notice the impending doom before leaving the house!

There, I feel better. I hope you are too.


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