[Photo] Nasi Lemak 38C!!!

A photo I shot just a few hours ago in Shah Alam. No kidding! 38C!

which “nasi lemak” were you thinking, eh?


5 responses to “[Photo] Nasi Lemak 38C!!!”

  1. haha…i rmbred how my guy frens used to refer to small breasts as nasi lemak 60 sen and so on and so forth

  2. yeah.. nasi lemak RM1.20 is of course bigger than nasi lemak RM0.60..

    but then guys would ask..

    nasi lemak KL ke nasi lemak kampung?

    nasi lemak RM1.20 kampung is obviously larger than its KL counterpart..

    *homer simpson mode on*

    nasi lemak… arrrghh… *drools*

    breasts… arrrghhh… *drools again*

    Cheers 😉

  3. iced nyior : same here, and still on going till now…it’s just the price have gone up…

    nazlihaffiz : haha…i’ll be sure to ask that the next time someone refers the twins as nasi lemaks…

  4. hahahahha

    *pitiful bujangs, you are. Nasi lemak is all you can get now huh? ker ker ker*

  5. rotidua : best ape nasi lemak….lagi2 kalau dapat yang panas2 time ujan….meleleh beb…kena pulak nasi lemak RM 2.50 siap ada lauk