Denying the idiot box

20:00:00 – Buletin Utama

20:00:30 – Clashes between dumb fanatics of 2 political parties who’s no better than the other. And they had to ask why youngsters don’t go to vote nowadays. Changed channel to Animal Planet. Watched Animal A-Z.

20:15:27 – Still about the election in Ijok. Changed channel to Animal Planet. Watched Animal A-Z.

20:17:38 – Other news. Something about Minggu Amanah Saham or something like that. Changed to National Geographic. They’re trying to save a duck. tough choice.

20:32:24 – Remembered about AIM. The dancers walking off stage. Afdlin Shauki and Bob Lokman walking onto the stage. According to them, I missed M. Nasir dancing. AS and BL don’t seem to have the chemistry. Weird. Changed channel to TV3.

20:34:06 – Report on Baghdad and how Bush threating to use his veto power to keep US Troops over there.

20:37:51 – Changed back to AIM. AS, BL and Adibah Noor singing a parody of Fast and Furious theme song. Again, suprisingly silly.

20:39:03 – Wanted to blog, but Streamyx disconnected.

20:41:26 – Started to write this entry.

20:54:36 – Forgotten Adibah Noor‘s name. Went to check the papers to look for her name. Saw Anuar Zain‘s performance. The orchestra was a nice touch. Loved it.

20:58:21 – Continued on this post. Contemplating which film to watch tonight on the PC.

21:12:51 – Published this post.