Malaysian International Fireworks Competition

Went to the Malaysian International Fireworks Competition yesterday at Putrajaya yesterday. It was quite a spectacle that lasted about 20 minutes, although we had to wait for almost 3 hours. And the brilliant me had to drive out to Alamanda to buy some food, resulting in me watching it from afar, rather than our reserved spot.

Traffic was hell, since Malaysians showed their Malaysian spirit and parked anywhere they wished, causing a massive jam in the usually peaceful Putrajaya. They even argued with the Police.
As for the event itself, the MIFC poorly designed website, and advertisements failed to mention about the RM55 tickets, and their prices. Luckily, we could afford the parking, so we (my friends, I was in the car, remember?) could enjoy the 2nd class view, which was not that bad. Considering we had to stand for 3 hours to get that spot.

Funny though, although the website failed to mention important things such as tickets prices, it provides quite useful tips on firework photography.

Another thing is the lack of food stalls to accommodate the tourists, both local and international.
It’s bad enough that Putrajaya do not have that many food outlets, the only ones available is alamanda, and some stalls located about 1 KM from Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) . And with road closures and all, it’s not quite a walking distance, if you ask me, although if I’d known better yesterday, that would be the much, much better solution to our grumbling tummy.

So, if the MIFC‘s officials are Googling the event and found this post, please do something about this flaws. Provide more signage all around Putrajaya, which has poor signage on it’s own. Arrange signs to show all the routes to PICC, and places where they can legally park and get a good view of the show. Foods are situated that far, most probably for fear of littering the PICC, a typical Malaysian trait. but please, make it a little more accessible, rather than we having to cross the entire firework launching apparatus.

It is a fact that most smoking men loves to smoke after a meal, and smoking while crossing the launch platforms, is just what would most probably happen. Sorry, no images available, since the video I recorded using my phone from several kilometers away do not justify the beauty of the firework display.

My Bad.


4 responses to “Malaysian International Fireworks Competition”

  1. 55 bucks?
    per person ke lizzam?


  2. Cik PMS : Yups…tapi kalau official tu tipu i, maka tipu la i…

  3. wah.. mahalnya..

    abis tu, kalau rumah kita kat putrajaya and rumah kita tu apartment, pastu kita berdiri kat balkoni, lepas tu kita nampak bunga api tu camana?

    takyah bayar la kan?


  4. cik PMS : duk kat balkoni takleh dengar synchronized music… but what the heck…in true Malaysian Spirit we all berasak2 dlm jem dan tgk free dari dlm keta…