Increase your happiness in a Komuter

  • Breath with your mouth, especially when there’s someone in close proximity with you. It helps you getting a personal space, or a seat when the person near you just had to close his/her eyes and concentrate on the sunset-at-the-beach imagination s/he’s forced to have, just by you breathing! That’s like killing a poultry farm with one stone…brilliant, ain’t it?
  • Take off your shoes, and having worn a sock for the whole day would help too. It gets better if that’s the only pair you have for your daily wear, or if it was damp. This would help to ensure some personal space around you, and may even keep the seat next to you vacant!
  • Don’t give your seat to the elders, pregnant ladies, little children or women with children. You’re actually helping them! Ever notice how the elders and pregnant ladies have trouble standing up from a seat? Most of the elders have gout or other ailments, and can’t bear sitting for a prolonged period, for they’ll have trouble standing up later on. The same goes for the pregnant ladies, since they have the extra height to carry around. The children don’t want to sit. They want to play around. If you force them, you’ll just make them cry and irritate others. So just sit back, pretend to sleep, and enjoy your hard-earned and payed up front seat.
  • If you had to stand, stand near the door, so you’ll have to shove fewer people when you’ve reached your destination. You don’t like to move around from your comfortable standing stance, to give way yourself, do you? Moreover, you might accidentally touched someone inappropriately, resulting in a embarrassing event. So the less people in between you and the door, the less likely that’s going to happen.
  • You don’t have to wait for the disembarking passengers before getting in to the Komuter. While it’s true that both of you are paying customers, but their ride has ended, so you worth more to KTMB rather than the disembarking passengers.They are the ones who should have waited for you. Another point is, there are more people getting on the train, than people getting off. So, in a democratic world, the larger crowd rules!
  • Don’t just hold onto the poles, lean on to them. The poles are actually meant for a single person, and for the other paying, standing passengers, there’s always the overhead handle and the seats. Moreover, it is more hygienic to lean on the poles than to hold them with your bare hands. who knows what substance had made contact with the poles.


5 responses to “Increase your happiness in a Komuter”

  1. memang brilliant idea kau lizzam! nanti aku try buat kat STAR LRT bile aku kena pegi MARA.

  2. pyerudz : hahaha…bleh je, jangan jadi macam adlin aman ramlie dah le…

  3. Aku dulu suka gak naik komuter..tapi bila Kereta aku kena kopak terus dah tak nak naik komuter dah..haha..

  4. And also..what do you do if you get stranded inside the Komuter? Mmmmm…

  5. what’s that i smell??? is it??? yes… it’s sarcasm! 😀 i just hope that those who said they will follow your advice realise that too.