Reviews Roundup #1

It’s been a while since my last movie review, so I guess, it’s time that I did some. I didn’t find anything that good except for Bourne Ultimatum. I guess this year is the time for over-hyped movies. Even long awaited ones (Transformers, Ratatouille) failed to live up to (my) expectations.

The Simpsons Movie.

This is by right the most honest movie of the year, with Homer criticizing the cinema audience for watching something they can watch for free. In a way, it’s a longer version of The Simpsons, nothing more, but more importantly, nothing less.

If you loved the original series, you’d enjoy this movie. But don’t do expecting something more, since nothing much have been added on to it. In a way, it’s good. I’d rather watch a true-to-the-roots movie, rather than a blown-up-hollow movie.

Definitely a must watch, for fans, and a must have for collectors.

Surf’s Up

I saw it’s poster, even before I watched Happy Feet, and even commented on the similarity. But aside from both movie is about outcasts and penguins, nothing else is similar. I’ve watched Happy Feet numerous times, and still, the tunes went deep into me. Surf’s up, only manage to get in skin deep, like all MTVs.

In a way, Surf’s Up did follow the MTV trend. Music, fast cuts, camera angles, all smells MTV-ish. It tried to be different by using a “reality show” camera angles, with interviews and all, but aside from that, nothing is quite catching my attention, except the waves.

Yes, the waves. The waves are beautifully done, much like the real deal. All along the movie, the main character that I follow most, is the waves.

A fun movie to be watched for approximately once.

Rush Hour 3

Pair a fast hand and a fast mouth, you’d get a winning formula for a comedy. but consume too much, and it’s going to be bad for your health.

I enjoyed Rush Hour 1, and seeing the uptight Lee (Jackie Chan) paired with the happy-go-lucky-bu-I-can’t-close-my-mouth Carter, was hilarious. The second was okay, and their chemistry was still entertaining. But after the 3rd installment, seeing Carter as oblivious as ever, and Lee losing his agility, things are going down for this duo.

I mean, how often can you see the same thing done by the same person. The “do you understand the things that are coming out of my mouth” line had lost it’s magic. The chemistry (or the lack of it) have been worn down, and to be honest, when they are taking turns to sulk at each other, it seems more than friendship, it seems gay.

And to make things worse, there’s a scene where Jackie sings. OMG!!!