Terlajak Perahu Boleh Di Undur, Terdelete Order Ms Gorgonizer Mengamuk!

(The title means: Deleting the Order Anger’s Ms. Gorgonizer)

Once upon a time, A restaurant named the Cozy House received a phone call from Ms Gorgonizer. However, due to their poor penmanship, or poor note-taking skills, the reservation was “deleted”. Ms Gorgonizer and her clan had to wait and line up for half and hour (or more) for them to get their seats.

First, They conveniently deleted our seat reservation, since they had conveniently taken Ms Gorgonizer aka Nina’s phone number wrong, conveniently dialed up the wrong number, and conveniently thought we chickened out. Conveniently causing us to have to line up like everybody else, to get a seat.

Then, they conveniently deleted some of our orders, and even dare to come up to us, bringing the note that they used for our order, to show that it’s not their fault!

Basically, the word of the day was : “Delete”.

Luckily, the food was better than most. (7 words)

Because, little did they know, that all of those in the clan, excluding Wan and lil’ Maisarah, are bloggers (I strongly believe that Maisarah will be too!). This results in several of the blogs, to write similar comments about the incident, which was not apologized properly. A humble visit from at least the supervisor, apologizing would’ve made things better, I mean.

I strongly suggest the manager and the rest of the Crew, watch and read Give ‘Em The Pickle book and DVDs.

’nuff said, and here’s the photo from the incident…

Mama Crabster and baby Crab(?)Mama Crabster and baby Crab(?)

Cozy House RestaurantCozy House Restaurant

Kuey Teow TomyamKuey Teow Tomyam

My Left ViewMy Left View

My Right ViewMy Right View

The ClanThe Clan

Wan & MaisarahWan & Maisarah


3 responses to “Terlajak Perahu Boleh Di Undur, Terdelete Order Ms Gorgonizer Mengamuk!”

  1. are you in for tomorrow’s iftar? text me directly. check out my blog for the plans and ideas…

  2. shiannnyeee kene tunggu… isk isk.. dalam bayangkan muka Ms Gorgonizer caner hahah..

  3. Kuih raya dalam tin,
    selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin.

    One two three four five,
    Don’t drink and drive.