I was reading though the number 1 Malay tabloid, and when I got to the entertainment section, I saw 3 interesting and related news.

1 is the condemnation of a male singer, who bared his chest during a stage performance. He was punished from front, back and center, with this party slapping him with a fine, and another wanting to kick him out from a certain group.

The other story was similar, but did by female artist, who bared her breast in front of a camera, with a guy, presumably her boyfriend at that time. She said it happened years ago in her teenage years, and it was a foolish mistake. The article touches also about her current drama which is airing on national television.

The last, but certainly not the least, in fact it was one of the biggest news in it’s time, was another female artist, who not only bared her chest, but went all out in front of her then boyfriend (now her husband). Not only that, they recorded a video of them bathing nude, having sex and even peeing. This happened almost half a decade ago, but she had laid low ever since, and only surfaced late last year.

Okay, many of you especially those who either follow Malaysian entertainment or Malaysian pornographic news, would ask, what about these news that made me interested? Is it about the celebrity showing off her breast, or making love, or was I just attracted to male with silky, shining hair and bare chest?

Well, it seems that while many are condemning the male artist, for baring his chest in a live performance, pardons are being given to female artists who bared all in a recorded “performance”, with the phrase of the day here: “foolish mistakes of years ago”.

Seriously, I don’t get it. Okay, if they want to punish the male artist for being indecent in a live environment, I could understand. But what I don’t get it is, why no harsh action were taken regarding the second news? The third, was old news, although punished and want to start anew, was reported that no station went to ban her from being aired at that time. She hid herself from the world, but not forced to (at least that was what the report said).

Is there a double standard here? Are they being sexist now? Or maybe that they didn’t enjoy a male baring his chest as much as their female counterpart?

So tell me, why is the big hoo haa about the male artist baring his chest, while the female got pardoned, a pat on their back, and free publicity for their career?


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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    i’m so agree with that..just nonsense to punish a guy with bared chest.how bout half naked female artists?