Speed Racer

Over the years, we have seen live action animation (Polar Express, Beowulf), live action against full digital background (Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow, and 300), and live action comic (Sin City). This has been made possible by visual geniuses, and of course, technological advance.

Now, by the same person who introduced Bullet Time in the silver screen, comes another genre of visual candy: Live Action Cartoon. No, this is not the same as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, or Space Jam. The Wachowski had come with something new altogether.

To be frank, although I may not remember all the story behind Speed Racer, it still is a part of my childhood, so I maybe a bit over excited for many of my childhood visual treats are being transformed into full length movie. Speed Racer is definitely one of them. Now, I’m hoping for a live action Macross, after the successful Macross Zero, and definitely Mospeada. Not to mention Knight Rider, The A Team (I guess Team America made it first, eh?) and who knows, maybe Captain Planet?

I have to admit, story wise, there’s nothing to shout about. After all, this was based on an anime that aims mainly for anime fans and kids alike, hence the mixture of witty lines, and slapsticks thanks to Spritle and Chim Chim.

Acting, I can’t comment, but somehow the lack of realism makes the movie more enjoyable, since we’re not confined into believing the plots and drama, but instead, to enjoy the movie as we would when we were six years old.

Yes, this is a movie where 6 years old would enjoy, as much as the 36 years old.

Many knows the story of Speed Racer, who can’t think of anything else, but auto racing. In fact the whole family and their pet are into it. But then after the tragic death of Speed’s elder brother, Rex, they family was a bit more apprehensive about the whole racing thing. But they still race, however.

Things changed, when Speed won a race, and almost broke his brother’s record by split second, and approached by Royalton, to join his team. However, in the spirit of family, they refused the offer, causing Royalton to be mad and aims to punish them.

This brings Speed to a quest to topple Royalton, and the fixing of the races, for as any naive hero would want, a true race.

I know my synopsis sucks, but like I said, it’s not the story that made the movie. It ‘s the visual.

Bright colors, seamless combination of both animation and live action, creative editing and fast pacing of the story makes the 2 hour show seems, so short. Again, The Wachowski found another reason to defy physic’s laws, first with the Matrix.

A review had mentioned that it was martial arts’ scene, with automobiles, and I can’t agree more. The cars swerves at top speed even at the tightest corner, jumps and bounces off each other, and not to mention secret weapons inside each car, that even James Bond wouldn’t use.

A warning, though, that should you be going to watch this movie, please refrain from taking too much caffeine or sugar prior to the movie. Either you’d be jumping around with the kids in the cinema, since this is a movie, that adults and kids alike, are at the same age..

Go watch.


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  1. A martial arts movie with automobiles. Well said bro.

  2. i have to say, its been a long time since i thought about my laundry during a movie.

    speed racer sucks.

  3. edd :Was not quite me.I read it on a newspaper review..

    cik PMS : u PMS ka time tu?

  4. you ingat i basuh baju sebulan sekali ke?


  5. cik pms :well…who knows.u kan busy woman…hehe

  6. cis.

    menjawap ye. nak kena ni…

  7. cik PMS : nak…nak..nak..

    (alamak, dia ni tgh PMS ke ape…mampus aku…)

  8. ๐Ÿ˜›

    oi. jom indiana jones. dah 3 tahun i tunggu you belanja tengok wayang !