Me and My Near Future

I’m not quite sure if you know this, so let me get this out of the way first. I’m the kind of a guy who don’t just look at the glass half full or half empty, but I either drink it up or try to refill it and drink it up.

More often than not, it’s the former.

So talking about my near future, I’m working my asses out to have something decent to drink out of, and look for oppoturnities to refill. The current situation is not making it any easier, but nothing in life is actually easy, right?

I’ve set up some plans for future funding of my life, but in enabling those plans, I would need a steady income for at least another 10 years. That would also mean that I can scrap any plans to get laid married anytime soon.

So, my focus is now maintaining my current lifestyle. I know, with the rise of staple food and petrol, I should be trying to living a more modest lifestyle, but it is as modest that I can muster while giving some comfort to my parents.

If any parents would say that it’s hard to raise a child, I would say that the child would have it worse trying to take care of his/her parents. No, I’m not complaining, just making clear about the myth.

But I digress.

The current economic condition also worries me. The Company I’m working in is still relatively young, and never faced any serious economic recession in a regional or worldwide scale, so I’m being skeptical of its sustainability. That being said, some things are going the right way, and that have renewed hope to continue working there.

I know my bosses are most probably reading this, but this is a fact, and denying it does not make it go away. Don’t worry, I’ve yet to get a better offer, to work somewhere else. Not yet.

As I said earlier, I had to halt my love life to maybe another decade, but that would be very hard to do. I simply have to much love to give out, and need a lot more. I’m trying to drink out of whatever in the glass right now, unable to refill any. I can’t have any commitment in my situation, nor give any hope to anybody. Any feeling I have, I’ll just have to do my best to suppress it, and held on to sanity. It’s holding up right now, for the following reasons:


I know that I’m not the best of friends. Thus maybe hindering some from being close to me. But to those who do, I am very thankful for you have helped me a lot in a lot of departments. I know I can’t be there all the time for you all, but I try.

Some say that Family is more important, and I’m not denying it. But since the lion’s share of my problems is family-related, I had to rely to some other shoulder to cry on.

I’m trying my best to keep 2 of my biggest asset, my laptop and my car in their best shape, as they are also 2 of my best friends. I’ve been in a condition where nobody else were able to hlep me but these 2, so if anything may ever happen to them, It would have a great impact in my life.

Yes, this blog has been a bit slow these days, for a lot of stuff is filling my head and pushing away nice thoughts that I usually blog about. Hit counts have reached an all time low.

But I’m still livin’ and kickin’, not to mention drinkin’ and refillin’!!


20 responses to “Me and My Near Future”

  1. Yo bro. Dun digress la~ You have a bright future ahead of you.

    Despite the coming of the world recession and our government’s never ending quest to stifer the growth of our economy. We have to constanly repackage ourself to stay competitive and ahead of the game.

    I do 100% agree with you that our income is no longer sustaining our current lifestyle. Actually I worked out a formula about this :-

    1) RM2000 -> survive + savings
    2) RM2500 -> live / survive + small car + savings
    3) RM3000 -> live + small car / survive + small car + savings
    4) RM3500 -> live + medium car / survive + small car + girlfrend + savings

    You get what I mean? C.A.R. is the root of all evil ๐Ÿ˜› You can’t live with it, you can’t live without it …

    Bottom line is, life still goes on right? We just need to start planting vegetables around our houses to cut down the cost of living, as per what our government “advised”.

  2. erm..i own’t blame the car only.

    my list of things we can’t live with, and can’t live without:

    money ,etc.

    whatudu. save some patch for a grave too, while you’re at it..

  3. girlfriends … show off …

  4. Did u asked Spencer for advice yet? hehe..

  5. jimmy : err..I don’t get ur drift there..

    ashrufzz : What kind of advice can I possibly get from him?..hehe

  6. ok la … i know u got more than 1 girlfriend ok …

    SHOW OFF !! >,<

  7. Buddy, I feel ya.

    But dont worry. I know supporting a family is taking a lot of burden on your shoulder now…
    But take it from someone with lower payscale than you,..
    We will survive this, I’m there for help whenever i can spare them.

    By the way, I survive this long because I’m not supporting my family financially, and no girlfriends here. I guess you cant donate your family problem to me, so I’ll take up any spare girlfriend that’s bothering your bank account…(hehe)

  8. Jimmy : Oi, since when? *don’t say it out loud la wei..*

    Kaz : I’ve always wondered how those with small income can manage it,with family and all.

    and another one. Are you teaming up with Jimmy with this girlfriend thingy?

  9. wow.



  10. cik PMS : wah, aku digossip nampaknya..

    xpa..ada 40 comment macam ni..sure jadi betul2 nyer..

    comment itu doa..hehe

  11. amiiinnn…

    playa !

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  13. Ruyom : <sarcasm>yay, ruyom…am happy for you bro/sis..</sarcasm>

    I hereby re-declare, that if any political party want me to be on their side loyally, be prepared to provide me with at least a 4 digit salary starting with the number 5, without any real work to do. I’ll then be loyal as long as my salary is paid in full.

  14. you have more than one ass? O_o

  15. zamhar :yep. one I use for gas and another I keep to store my junk… :p

  16. miss wanderful Avatar
    miss wanderful

    cari la gefren kaya(p).
    konpem tak perlu pikir panjang ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. miss wanderful : kalu kaya and sapot I, takpe la jgk. tapi kalu i nak kena sapot dia…huhu.. maintenance tinggi woo..tak masuk spare parts lagi.

    ni yg rasa nak jadi gigolo nih.

  18. lizzam gigolo?

    wow.wee.junior juice.


  19. cik PMS :
    gigolo + junior juice = anak ikan.


    u nak?

  20. sorry i tak makan ikan.

    i’m a ‘chickymeatarian’. i like meat. ada brani?