Knight Rider 2008

I don’t know about you, but suddenly I feel older when all those cool stuff we watch on the idiot box when we were a child, is coming back at us, bigger, and (sometimes) better!

About a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon Knight Rider‘s new telemovie site, and got excited. Of course, seeing some flops in remakes makes me a bit cautious, since we had more powerful vehicles running on the silver screen and the idiot box after the K2000 (Viper, Cyclone).

Then, last night I found a copy of the telemovie on bootleg. I know that the pilot would take some time to reach our shores, so I took the most logical step. And after watching it, I would like to say:

  • It has the old Knight Rider‘s feel to it, somehow. I don’t quite know what, but the pacing of the pilot feels like the old series.
  • The car seems tougher, although the capabilities are somewhat limited. The pilot only showed its speed (which a 4×4 still can somehow catch up), durability, camouflage, and other which are just claims of KITT.
  • The new driver’s also named Michael Traceur (pronounced like “tracer”), has a connection with Michael Knight, but more like an afterthought, since the only time the connection can be seen is when the Michael Knight (a cameo by David Hasselhoff) mentioned it. It seems that everything can be explained in just one line these days.
  • another cameo by the old KITT, but only a part of it.

All in all, it’s an OK effort, but the series doesn’t have the kick it needs to properly make the fans drool, and the new generations excited. Right now, it’s just another pilot for a new series with CGI. Hope they’ll have better writers for their series, since we’re so spoilt by choice nowadays.


3 responses to “Knight Rider 2008”

  1. my Kinky Eddy pun boleh cakap. keta you boleh??

  2. U tanya pasal bini I si MY tu? Ari2 dia nag kat i tau. tapi masak lemak cili api dia mmg best, walaupun dia dari Johor…

  3. wahhh siap boleh masak?
    hoi leng hoi lengg aaaa.