First, you have a movie that has the title that sounds too much like a porn movie. In fact, a gay porn I might add. Then, add that to the fact that there’s no actual villain in this movie, except for some small fry villain. Even the “boss” is not much of a villain, compared to the hero.

Oh yeah, the hero is actually a superhero bum. without an actual supervillain. After that, add a story that has a good start, but a lame excuse for the ending. a recipe for disasterous movie, I might say.

But, the real superhero, that saves the day, is Will Smith. I have to say, and this has happened before, in Hitch for example, that he singlehandedly saved a movie from the trash bin, unrecyclable.

No wonder I like him.

Hancock is a bum, with a bad attitude. But he has superpowers. and he reluctantly goes around and saves people, at a cost. No, he doesn’t ask for any money (although he would gladly accept it for the booze), but his actions normally costs millions of dollars in damage.

People hate him, so when a PR guy, Ray (Jason Bateman) whom he saved tries to clear his image, Hancock tries his best to be loved again.

However, things begins to get wrong, when Ray’s wife felt something electrifying (literally) between them. So now, it’s between Hancock’s wants, and Hancock’s should dos. It’s kind of tempting to do anything when you have the power to do anything.

While this is not quite a superhero movie (since there’s no actual villain yet), but not quite a love story. So while the movie tries to be many things, it had to rely on too much onto Will Smith, intentionally or not.

Even when he does not have the chemistry between Mary (Charlize Theron), even Ray doesn’t much chemistry with Mary. Even the bad guy looks like Hertz in Shoot ‘Em Up, but without the guns. Will Smith made this movie enjoyable. Single handedly.

Now that is a superhero movie. Kind of like Ironman, I think?

Verdict: watch if you like Will Smith, but who doesn’t? 3/5.