Final Approach #1

This is it. The calm before the storm. Actually that phrase is not quite accurate.

It should be the panic before the storm.

Right now, at this very last moment, I’m just being sceptical. Will this work, or will she disappoint me? Will she be the one for me?

I saw her first last week. Fell in love at first sight. Immediately I start to ask around, to see if she’s worth my attention. There are a lot of good stuff people say about her, and some dipleasing stuff too, but nobody’s perfect,right?

Then I got to know that there’s a chance for me to meet her this weekend. And that’s where I’m going.

I’m going there, and I’m going to see her with my own eyes, to hold her with my own arms.

And then the question is, do I really want her to be in my life?

to be continued…