The Nature is based on check and balance. The vast amout of insects are kept in check by their short lifespan and small size, and predators such as anteaters and birds. The relationship between herbivores and carnivores seems harsh, but it ensures that a herd have only the strong and healthy, as the slower ones becomes prey to the predator. For a long time, this seems to be a good arrangement.

Then came the humans.
We humans were given the gift of evolved mind, and seems to not just elude the ecosystem, but change it. We were not much kept in control by the carnivores, but in time, we find ways to lessen the carnivores which is considered as dangerous and a nuisance, and increase the number of herbivores.
The result, we managed to reduce a huge green patch into a desert, one of them the Sahara Desert. Ecological imbalance ensues, and still am trying to keep up with the constant changes that humans are causing. 
To humans, it’s all because of improving our way of life. To us, higher and bigger seems to be the way to go, most probably to compensate our frail body and weak appendages, by using our allegedly highly evolved brain.
Nowadays, this trend continues. Earlier this week, I had several briefings from my CEOs and CFOs, and this lead me to realise certain stuff. No matter how much we earn today, it will never be enough tomorrow. Each year we’re required to increase the revenues of our company, and each year, we await our salary increase in accordance of the revenue.
This led me to wonder what is the ceiling limit? When will enough today be enough tomorrow?
During an MLM lecture I was roped in yesterday, the MLM guy, let’s call him A, said that for ages we have been fishing, yet fishes are still there for us to eat. The same calls for money. Although I beg to differ, I know that a direct mention of the actual fact would send A in defence mode.
And the actual fact is, fishing is no longer the same as before. People do still fish in the sea, but no generations of fishermen fish in the same area for too long. They move to other spots, as fishes do when they know that place is no longer a safe place to inhabit.
The same goes for business. All business profits when they stumble upon a new untapped market, either by chance or by research. Those staying in the same business, however, modify their products to better suit the market, to gain top spot. That is how business that’s hundreds of years old can still be profitable.
Yet, the limiting question still linger. High high can we go?
Currently, the world is gearing up for and impending world economic crisis (in fact, some say it’s already here). Is this nature’s way of check and balance? Is this nature‘s way of warning the humans about it’s limits?
Economy, to me, is not limited to us humans. If we change the monetary factor to any valuable assets, then economy is being used by humans, animals, trees, planets, galaxies, even smaller stuffs, like atoms and molecules. Animals and trees for food and territory, planets and galaxy for particles, and universal real estate, atoms and molecules for electrons and other atoms.
This is the basis of why humans should not think they are controlling the economy. They may try, and doing it right, may turn it to their advantage. But the economy is just an English word of saying Nature‘s way of distributing its wealth.
That last sentence reminds me of what A was lecturing to me last night. So excuse me while I ponder if MLM is my way to grab my share of Nature‘s wealth in this economic crisis.