Eagle Eye

After 4 failed attempts of getting a movie buddy to watch this movie, I resorted to watch it alone.

In my office attire.
And lugging my office brick laptop along.
This movie will go down in my bad memories movie list, together with Die Hard 4.0.
Okay, enough about me. This movie is a very tiring movie, with ever moving camera angles and all. Action packed, fast paced, and in fact, a little too fast if you ask me. 
Story wise, it reminds me of a lot of other movies. First and foremost, Enemy of the State, then along the way, I, Robot (wow, both stars Will Smith!). Some scenes unintendedly reminds me of X-Men (All Aria scenes) and at times, Transformers (well, all criss-crossing fly-overs reminds me of the Optimus-Bonecrusher fight. and oh, because of Shia too).
It’s about Jerry Shaw (Shia LaBeouf), after the death of his talented twin brother, got into trouble after finding weapons in his apartment, and a woman calling him and giving orders. He’s not alone. Rachel Holloman (Michelle Monaghan) was also roped into the chaos, when the same woman threatens to derail the very train her son was in.
But that’s just the beginning. They were ushered by the voice to do stuff that doesn’t seem to make sense to them. The woman is all watching, and aiding them in ways that reminds me of The Matrix (didn’t I tell you it reminds me of a lot of other movies).
Over time, they learn of who this mysterious woman is, and what exactly, did she want.
Although this is an entertaining movie, if you can stomach fast cuts and drunk cameramen. But it’s a pity that such strong premise is flawed by aesthetic. In order to make the movie understandable to non-nerds, futuristic visual were often used, and that was what pushing me away from believing such realism.
I’ve seen Shia in 3 characters now, and he seems to be different in all. Although he may have youth in his face (pairing him with Michelle Monaghan makes him like a younger brother and the last scene is very awkward for me), he has a lot of acting in him. No wonder Spielberg loves him so much. Kind of like Leonardo DiCaprio, in some of his movies (compare Titanic, Catch Me If You Can, The Aviator, Blood Diamond, to name a few, although many of DiCaprio‘s role are actual characters).
That seems to be my main focus in this movie, because for the other part, I can’t relate to it, like I said, because of the flashy visual effects. Believe me, that is not the way to go, when everybody knows nowadays how an Operating System like Windows or Mac OS looks like.
Actions, are almost non-stop. Crazy actions, that is. Car chases were done craftily, and so are those on foot. All to just do one thing, and all because of one entity. This is one hell of a ride.
My last grudge, is amazingly, Billy Bob Thornton. I just can’t see him being a tough cop. Sometimes, he even looked scared and unsure! Although, in Eagle Eye, he was kind of pushed around by tougher persons, both men and women. I guess that is how his character is supposed to be? He looked more like a concerned father, than someone who’d be sent to interrogate a terrorist suspect. As the ‘good cop’, maybe so.
I know this review is not like what it’s supposed to be, since I keep relating scenes, with their ‘twins’ in other movies. Not to mention I can’t really reveal spoiler  (not that you haven’t watch it before, right?).But then, it’s a movie worth the ticket. Not to mention the popcorn you’d fail to finish because you’re can’t miss all the action.
3.5 / 5 stars.

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  1. Shia LaBeouf has turned himself into a sure bet for a movie to make millions and millions… even though his name is hard to remember (and spell)