I Have A Question…

Recently the National Fatwa Council issued a fatwa banning all Muslim women from wearing manly clothing (and maybe vice versa, but I’, not sure). The question is, is there any globally agreed guidelines of how dressing up as a certain gender is like?

I mean, if wearing an earing is considered as womanly, how about those cultures which regards wearing it in a certain way as manly? (I’ve heard that earrings have been explicitly mentioned in Hadith and/or Quran, but then again, I’m asking for clarifications here)
How about wearing skirts? Scottish wear them and call them kilts. Indians wear a kind of long skirt worn with the dhoti, and the chinese wear them with samfu (please, correct me if I’m wrong). Malays, who by definition are Muslim, have Kain Pelikat and Kain Batik (Kain Batik is worn mainly by women, but also by men in rural areas and especially the Javanese). In fact, the Turks wore some kind of long skirt.
My question comes from this scenario: If i were to wear a kilt, but cover my aurat with a long stocking or the black knee-length tight that Muslim men wear when playing sports (under the shorts), am I against the fatwa, or even, Islam?
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  1. have you asked your question to someone from JAKIM or an Ustaz?

    i think the fatwa doesn’t merely touch the wearing of clothes, but includes the behaviour of the wearer.

    whatever it is, i trust our ulamas who decided upon the fatwa has already discussed and debated in great detail this issue. if there are any questions regarding it, we must refer it to the right people and not get carried away with emotions.