If you’re interested to watch a movie nowadays, I think you’re better off watching Adnan Sempit than Legion. I know some will chastise me for watching this very ‘Christian’ movie, but to me it’s a movie. The Messenger is made by non-Muslims, acted by non Muslims, but watched by us on many major events.

But that’s just me.

There are some attempts to portray what was written in the Bible into current life, and my favourite (in this department) is Constantine. It’s even hard to argue about the storyline, since most of the characters, do adhere to the description in the Bible, as I am told.

As for Legion, not many reference was done, and the focus remains on a group of people stranded in a dingy diner ironically named “Paradise Falls”, where a very pregnant lady might give birth to the saviour of mankind.

Kind of familiar, isn’t it?

I won’t go too far on the theological aspect of the movie, since I’m not a Christian, and maybe what little knowledge I know might be wrong, so let’s discuss this as a movie, shall we.

The movie delves around a fallen angel, Michael, who left the Army of God to save a baby that is yet to be born, from the wrath of God Himself, who had lost all faith on humanity. So he sends all his army to exterminate mankind.

An angel against an army of angels? That sounds like something epic, doesn’t it? Well it does on paper, but on screen, you’re better off watching Feast.

First off is the way that human is exterminated, is kind of disappointing, considering that this is God who wants to do it. It’s not like He wants to teach a lesson, but it’s said that He want’s to exterminate us. 2012 did a better job at that, I think?

After all, all those 6 billion dead corpses wouldn’t be that good for the environment, would it?

Not to mention cheesy lines and predictable plot, this movie have everything to make it a B-grade movie (i’d put it lower, but not as low as 2 Hati 1 Jiwa). If not for the cool poster, and the also cool angel/warrior outfit with all those cool weapons, I would feel like those possessed guys getting shot at as they try to enter the front door (why nobody even bothered about the back door, is still a mystery).

Don’t watch unless you have something else to do while in the cinema. Or download it and just skip to the fights.